TV Lift Projects


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Pop-up TV lifts can be used to lift up to 90” televisions from an almost endless number of applications. All nexus lifts come with an industry leading 5 year full replacement warranty and are tested to 40,000 lift cycles. Decible testing has proven that our lifts operate more quietly than any other brand.

Drop down TV lifts are the perfect solution when you just don’t have room for a TV cabinet and want to add that extra wow factor to your room. Our line of drop down TV lifts will work with 75” televisions. All nexus 21 lifts are precision-engineered and made right here in the USA.

Specialty Lifts


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Specialty lifts are the newest addition to Nexus 21’s extensive lift line up. These lifts allow you to conceal much more than TVs. Some applications include hidden kitchen cabinets, secret gun storage, hidden safes and much more. Like all of our lift systems, these lifts are backed with the best warranty and customer service in the business.

Our TV Lifts are precision-engineered, UL recognized and made in America, so you know they are built to last. We use NO exposed tracks, gears or scissors in our lifts, and each model includes the exclusive Nexus 21 Safety Package, which completely prevents finger pinches. We also protect you by providing the longest warranty in the TV Lift industry – five years full replacement coverage, as well as lifetime phone support. Our efficient lift column technology is superior to rack and pinion lifts, which are overly complicated and noisy. To find more information about our television lifts and television lift furniture, please use this website. You will find detailed diagrams, technical specifications, and actual comments from people who are using our products in their homes.