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Nexus 21 makes reliable, ultra quiet TV Lift Systems that are ideal for professionals, individuals, and DIY projects.

Now, more than ever, people are looking for ways to enhance their living spaces. One of the most popular and inexpensive home improvements is “urban camouflage” for the TV. Nexus 21’s patented TV Lift Systems allow homeowners to save space and redefine their living areas by hiding their flat panel televisions inside cabinets or walls, then using a remote control to quietly raise them into view. The TV can be hidden almost anywhere - inside existing furniture, at the foot of a bed, in a kitchen island, in the framework of a jacuzzi, below a window sill, behind a sofa, or inside an entertainment center.

Our TV Lifts are precision-engineered, with components that fit perfectly together every time. They are UL recognized and made in America, so you know they are built to last. We use NO exposed tracks, gears or scissors in our lifts, and each model includes the exclusive Nexus 21 Safety Package, which completely prevents finger pinches. We also protect you by providing the longest warranty in the TV Lift industry – five years full replacement coverage, as well as lifetime phone support. Our efficient lift column technology enables us to provide you with much higher value because it is superior to all other mechanisms, including rack and pinion lifts, which are overly complicated and noisy. In fact, decibel testing has proven that our lifts operate more quietly than any other brand. Finally, what good would it be to make the best TV Lift if we did not also have the best service? Our friendly staff members are hidden TV experts who enjoy taking your calls, and they have accurate answers to your questions. Once you meet our people and see our products, you will know why Nexus 21 is fast becoming the industry’s favorite TV Lift System.

To find more information about television lifts and television lift furniture, please use this website. You will find detailed diagrams, techincal specifications, and actual comments from people who are using our products in their homes. You will also see links to our convenient online chat system which allows you (during business hours) to type in your questions and get answers from our employees in real time. You may also see Nexus 21 products referred to by the names pop up TV lifts and pop up TV lift furniture.