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Power Saving Tips and Tricks

With the constantly increasing cost of energy, saving a little on your electricity bill each month could be a godsend. How can you stop the trickle of energy loss that is common in most homes? … Continue reading


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Is Home Automation the Future of Our Living Spaces?

It goes all the way back to the Jetsons – the homes of the future!  While robots that do housework are still out of reach (no, Roombas don’t count), we can all have a TV … Continue reading


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Privacy Matters – and a Lift can Help!

Sometimes you just don’t want your whole life hanging out for everyone to see. There’s a snoopy neighbor that you KNOW always goes through your bathroom medicine cabinet; your child’s friend’s parent who would freak … Continue reading


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TV Lift or TV Wall Mount? Make the Right Choice!

Your new slim profile TV deserves a special place – but how do you keep it and your kids safe without compromising the quality of your viewing time? While people have seen the age of … Continue reading


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It’s Up, Up and Away! Ceiling TV Lifts

When redecorating your home and doing your best to upgrade your most used rooms, the kitchen and bath may get something a little extra special – a TV! But where can you put it? Answer: … Continue reading


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Introducing a new kind of Drop-down

Some people say change is a good thing. We decided to take their advice and add something new to the Nexus 21 product line. Introducing the all-new L-75i drop-down TV lift.  The most impressive drop-down … Continue reading


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How High Should You Go with a TV Lift?

When deciding on a TV lift installation, the height of the TV at rest is one of the most important decisions. There are several factors which should be considered when deciding how the TV will … Continue reading


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Kitchen TV Lifts – Perfect for the Julia Child Inside You!

Do you constantly watch the top cooking shows and want to try out the various sumptuous looking dishes being prepared on screen? It can be hard when you have to keep running into the living … Continue reading


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Make 2014 Safer with a TV Lift

It’s only the beginning of 2014, but already news from Colorado reports that a 4 year old girl was struck and killed by a television falling from a stand. A TV lift could have prevented … Continue reading


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New Year, New Tech: The CES Displays the Future of Television!

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada showed the future of television hardware with a lot of flash. While for several years “3D” was the “next big thing” being pushed, this year was all … Continue reading


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