Questions People Ask Before They Buy:

How can I get prices for your lifts?

We are a manufacturer, and in order to honor our dealer relationships, we make our prices available to everyone by request instead of posting them online. You do not have to be a dealer to purchase our products, anyone can buy. Just give us a call and we will get you the appropriate prices. Don't worry - no one will try to "hard sell" you. We enjoy spending time on the phone with our callers, and all questions are welcome.

Do your lifts come with EVERYTHING I need?

Yes. All Nexus 21 lifts include: motorized telescoping lift column, remote control, wired backup switch / height limit controller, cord control wrap, universal TV mounting bracket, mounting hardware, etc.

Do you provide a warranty?

Yes. The longest and most comprehensive warranty in the industry. Click HERE to check out the details.

Can I use any flat panel TV?

Yes. All Plasma, LCD, and LED TV's can be mounted to our lift systems. If you have an unusual model in mind, feel free to ask!

How do I know which Nexus 21 Lift Model is right for my TV?

You can see all our Lift Models together on this page, shown with TV sizes.
To see the TV Lift Models Page, click HERE

Other TV Lift websites don't say where their products are made. Are your lifts made in China?

No. All Nexus 21 products are made in America, using American and European components. We offer customer service and technical support from right here in America.
To get the most value for your money you should always ask where the lift system is made before you buy, and buy American.

What is the difference between Lifts that are Made in America and the ones made in Asia?

The lifts that are made or assembled in China come with weak warranties (most are only 1 year, and contain many limitations). Asian manufacturing in the area of electronics is still not advanced to same level of quality as American or European electronics manufacturers. Further complicating the issue, the people you would contact for service (at the American company that sold you the Asian-made lift) are not the same people who manufacture the lift equipment. All Nexus 21 products are Made in America and come STANDARD with a FIVE YEAR FULL-REPLACEMENT WARRANTY. We can do this because our products are made better and they last a lot longer. When you call Nexus 21, you are talking to the actual lift manufacturer, so we can immediately provide all the support you need, directly from our manufacturing facility in Arizona.

I have seen some cheap do-it-yourself lift kits online. How are Nexus 21 TV Lifts different?

Made in America
The “lift kits” sacrifice quality for lower price. They are usually made in China, so they have a very short, very limited warranty. Nexus 21’s patented lift systems are covered by a warranty that is FIVE TIMES LONGER than the do-it-yourself lift kits, whose makers seek out the cheapest parts they can find in order to be able to say they offer you a complete package. Our motorized components, TV mounting brackets, and electronics all meet a much higher standard of construction and performance. We build our products to LAST FOR YEARS, while the lift kits are designed to get as many sales as they can, as quickly as possible, with little thought for the durability of the product.
Integrated system – Not just a bunch of parts
Our systems are much easier to work with. All the components are tested together, and each set includes everything you need, without having to pick and choose parts and pieces, as with the lift kits. We invented and designed our lifts as complete systems that you just plug in and use.
More function, more features
We offer lifts with TV swivels, floating lid ability, and height-adjustable shelves for your DVD player or cable box, all of which are innovations that the lift kits do not offer.
All our models are UL recognized and feature anti-collision software and anti-finger pinch technology. There are no exposed tracks, gears or scissors to catch fingers or cords.

Are TV Lift systems unsafe?

Yes. There are many TV lift systems on the market that are not as safe as they should be. We realize that your #1 concern is your safety and the safety of your loved ones. Please click HERE to see why we make the absolute safest TV lifts, and why we have never in the companies history had anyone injured or hurt by our products.

Why should I use a TV lift in my home?

The most popular reasons that we are given by homeowners and professionals are:
-Hide that ugly, massive, black TV from sight!
-Keep the TV from blocking my view!
-When space is at a premium, like in RV's, Boats, and Condos.
-Add a serious "cool factor" and "special effect" to my home!

Technical Questions:

Your lifts are motorized - why is your swivel function manually controlled? Do you offer a motorized swivel?

No, we do not offer a motorized swivel function. There are several reasons, including RELIABILITY, COST and SWIVEL SPEED. We have been told many "horror stories" by our clients about their experiences with motorized TV swivels. Our manual swivel mechanism is engineered to be simple and requires no maintenance. It is far less "breakable" than motorized swivels, which can be complicated and difficult to service. Another reason our manual swivel lifts are so popular is that they are the least expensive in the industry! Most of the others cost $3,500+! At less than HALF that price, Nexus 21 swivel lifts give you the best of both worlds with a super-smooth motorized lift AND the ability to turn the TV for viewing from any direction. Finally, Nexus 21 swivel lifts are much faster than motorized swivels, which can take over 35 seconds to raise and then another 25 seconds to swivel! With our lifts you are able to put the TV into any angle you want (even all the way backwards) in just a second or two.

How can I see diagrams and dimensions for the lifts?

We have detailed diagrams on this website for all our lift models. Click here to see.

Are Nexus21 TV Lifts difficult to install?

We are constantly complimented by professional installers on how easy our lifting systems are to install and operate. We have deliberately engineered our lift systems to be both simple in design and flawless in function.

Do I have to use a hinged lid on my cabinet? What other lid options are there?

No, our lift systems do not force you to use a hinged lid! With Nexus 21 lift systems, you can use any of three lid styles: floating, cut-out or hinged. A floating lid is preferable to a hinged one because the hinges can detract from the look of the cabinet, and the hinged lid must remain standing behind the TV, preventing TV swivel ability. Floating lids sit on top of the lift, and move up and down with the TV. They are usually used when the cabinet is not too large. Increasingly, clients are using cut-out lids, which also float up and down with the TV, but look nicer because they are smaller in size. Cut-out lids are sized slightly larger than the width of the TV so they don't look disproportionate to the size of the TV. If you decide to use a hinged lid, be sure to order our optional Hinged Top Guides, which are custom-designed to lift and lower your lid with a Nexus 21 lift system.

On your swivel lifts, if the TV is turned and I push the "down" button on the remote, what happens?

Nothing. All our swivel lifts feature an electronic cut off so the lift won't run if the TV has not been turned back into the home position.

Questions About Pricing:

How can I get prices for your lifts?

We are a manufacturer, and in order to honor our dealer relationships, we make our prices available to everyone by request instead of posting them online. You do not have to be a dealer to purchase our products, anyone can buy. Just give us a call and we will get you the appropriate prices. Don't worry - no one will try to "hard sell" you. We enjoy spending time on the phone with our callers, and all questions are welcome.

Why do your lifts cost less than half the price of many other American-Made systems?

Those lift systems are overbuilt and overly complicated. They are based on technology that was used back when people wanted to lift big box-style TV's. Our patented telescoping lift system was designed specifically for use with flat panel TV's, so it is more efficient and costs less. But don't let the lower price fool you - you are not getting any less value with our system. Nexus 21 lift systems are the most reliable in the industry, and they provide great lifting power with quieter operation and faster extension than the others. We also offer the best warranty in the industry - FIVE YEARS full replacement. Try our system and see why more professionals are switching to Nexus 21 for their TV Lift needs.

Questions About Ordering:

How fast can I get a Nexus 21 TV Lift System?

Right away. We manufacture in advance so you won't have to wait. All our models are in-stock and can ship within one business day.

Who else buys from Nexus21?

How do I place an order?

Call us. We are a friendly group that loves to help. Placing an order by phone is easy and only takes a minute.

Can I order just one lift or is there a minimum purchase?

There is no minimum purchase quantity. Some clients buy one at a time, some buy 40 at a time. All orders are welcome, regardless of the quantity.

What type of payment is accepted?

We accept all major credit cards or you can mail a check.

Questions About Shipping:

What method of shipping will you use to send me my lift?

For TV Lifts: All Nexus 21 TV Lift products are compact, so we use UPS Ground service for shipping.
For TV Lift Cabinets: Our lift cabinets are shipped using a professional trucking company. You have the choice of whether you would like "Threshold" or "White Glove" delivery service. For more details, click HERE.

How long does shipping take?

For TV Lifts: 3 to 5 business days, depending on where you are located.
For TV Lift Cabinets: Our "Classic" Cabinets generally take 4 to 5 weeks to arrive (this includes production time), but we keep some of our cabinets in stock unfinished, so they can be stained in your choice of color and then ship much faster. If you want to know more, call us and we can let you know which models and sizes we have in stock at that time. Our "Designer" Cabinets take 9 to 10 weeks to arrive.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes. We ship UPS world ship or via a freight forwarder. We have many international clients and have had great success shipping overseas.