Model L-53i

  • Conceals TV Above Ceiling
  • Has 52” of extension
  • Extends in only 15 secs.
  • Wireless Remote Included

Everything you thought you knew about TV Lifts is about to change. Model L-53i has revolutionized the TV Lift industry, by providing unrivaled speed and mind blowing extension, traveling 53” in just 15 seconds! Hiding a TV in a cabinet is cool, but hiding a 50” flat panel completely out of view, above the ceiling… now that’s the ultimate camouflage.

Safety Package

UL recognized, Anti-pinch, etc.
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Made in USA

Patented: US #7,410,226

Hardware Included to Attach Ceiling Cover

L-53i Dimensions and TV Size

  • Extends 52"
  • Weight capacity is 100lbs

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Technical Specifications

  • 100 lbs. total lift capacity
  • Recommended maximum TV size: 65" screen size
  • Travels 52.5"
  • NO exposed tracks, gears or scissors
  • Installation Dimension – 32”W x 5.3”D x 31.5”H (Height adjustable for taller TV's)
  • UL Recognized
  • 5.7 amp at max thrust
  • Speed 3.5" /sec. (only 15 seconds to fully raise)
  • Quiet – affects ambient noise less than 5 db!
  • Chain-driven mechanism
  • Steel Construction
  • RF or IR Remote Control
  • Contact closure interface provided
  • Exclusive Nexus 21 Safety Package included
  • Soft start and stop
  • Maintenance free
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Professional Installation Required
  • Power is available in these formats:

Data Sheet available by request. Call our Help Desk at (800) 293-5067

SEE THE REAL THING: Actual Installation Photos

Customer's Home in Bakersfield, CA

Ceiling Cutout - Ready for Install

View, Looking Down from Inside Attic

Installing Custom Box with TV Lift
view in just 15 seconds.

Professional Contractor on the Job

Easily Mounting TV to Lift System

Homeowner Gets His First Look

Project Complete - Very Impressive!

Where Are the Prices?

Nexus 21 offers TV Lift Systems through dealers and direct to the public.

Actual prices are not shown on our website due to dealer relationships, but they are available by request. Please give us a call or fill out the contact form and we will answer back right away.

Are Nexus 21 TV Lifts very expensive?

They are less expensive than most others, and are the least expensive Lift Systems that are made in USA. There are a few lift products that cost less, but they are all made or assembled in China and have much shorter warranties. You should always ask where it's made before you buy.

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