See what people are saying about Nexus 21 products and services.

“I am very impressed with the way your company handled the difficult situation I was in with my customer. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. As soon as the project is completed, I will take pictures of our installation and the cabinet that it is going into. It is going to look very cool. I spoke with my customer and was able to discount the product even more for him, so he is very cool and happy with us at this time. I’m always impressed when I come across people in the business world who have the ability to turn a negative situation into a positive one, and you did just that for us today. Thanks again. This is a difficult time for all of us in this economy, and we wish your company the best of luck. Hopefully we can sell a few more of your lifts over the next year, and once we’re through the bad times, hopefully we can sell a ton of them.”

John Thompson
Solar Sound & Vision – Jacksonville, FL

“I just had to tell you what a great product and instructions you have. My husband (accountant) and I (Legal Assistant) took 1/2 day to take apart our TV cabinet and uninstall the “Lift Box” TV lift. When we got back to the chore, we followed your instructions to the letter (love those packaged and labeled screws, nuts and bolts!) and completed the job in another 1/2 day. Goodbye Lift Box!!!! Thanks for a great American product and instructions.”

Lynsey T.
Ridgefield, CT
Home Owner

“My project is done, and I could not be happier. Your lift is great, the instructions for installation were spot-on. The rubber composite mounting block is ingenious, Not only was is it easy to modify, it acts as a damper for noise and vibration. Operation is very smooth, and “noise” from the lift is quieter than the auto windows on my 2002 Mercedes Benz. Out of the box the product is perfect. My only regret in the purchase of your lift is that I should have bought a second one, for a cabinet I have built to house my AV, DVD player, and Cable box. How trick would that be? I will be saving up to do it soon! Thanks.”

Willie Flack
Albany, NY
Home Owner / DIYer

“The Nexus21 lift proved to be a well designed/engineered lifting mechanism. The instructions were easy to read and follow. I definitely would recommend a Nexus21 lift to anyone for his/her specific application.”

Tony Heffner
Baytown, TX
Homeowner / DIYer

“I LOVE my lift – it is so quiet and efficient. Had it custom installed in an antique cabinet – and it’s simply remarkable. I love the ease and look of the installation.”

Chip James
New York, NY
Home Owner

“Thanks for taking care of us so quickly. The unit is excellent and it handles the cycle with ease. My wife is so impressed with the lift I can’t believe it. Thanks again for the help and fine product you have supplied me and my wife. She is DEFINITELY using the finished project as a show piece.”

Jerry Butler
Waterloo, IA
Homeowner / DIYer

“I just wanted to drop you a note telling you how pleased we are with our lift. It works so well and is perfect for the TV at the foot of our bed. We have a large window that has a spectacular view which is really nice to be able to see when we wake up. Before the lift was installed all we could see was this black monolith of a screen at our feet. Now before falling asleep, we lower the TV and ensure the view. It really completes the room and we couldn’t be happier. Another factor that we really appreciate is how quiet it is. If one of us has fallen asleep, lowering the TV doesn’t wake that person up. What a great product!!!

Honestly – the lift is so well designed that I don’t see any room for improvement. When my cabinet maker pulled it out and set it up, he was blown away by the engineering and design. He is very exacting, so this should speak volumes. I suppose there are other [lift systems] out there, but I can’t imagine them being as good. Many thanks for making a great product and having such outstanding customer support.”

Jock Bradley
Hood River, OR
Jock Bradley Photography – www.jockbradley.com
Note from Nexus 21: Check out Jock’s website. His photographs are stunning – you will be very impressed with his work!

“I want to tell you that I did a lot of research on TV Lift systems before I found Nexus 21. So many businesses today just throw a product out there and market it to be “the best there is”. You can find a product based on a fancy display ad, or because it is what your local supplier carries, and the product is a flop when you get it. I could go on and on about this. But after assembling the Nexus 21 unit and testing it in the cabinet, I was extremely pleased. The quality and thought put into this system is impressive. Your company put up a website that provided all the technical information and illustrations, in an easy-to-follow format, without the smoke and mirror effect. I was impressed when I spoke to your knowledgeable and intelligent personnel – your customer service is as good as it gets, and I just thought I should compliment you for this. My customer is elated with their new Entertainment Center, and how well the TV Lift works. Your product helped make me look good and I very much appreciate that. I thank you for providing a great product, website and service. I am sure I will be ordering more of these units in the future.”

Jeff Holderman
Soulsbyville, CA
Jeff Holderman Construction & Cabinetry

“I finished an 8 drawer dresser for our bedroom about 3 months ago with a Nexus TV lift installed to the cabinet, I wanted a clean look for the bedroom but we do watch tv as we go to bed, hands down this is the coolest project I have ever done, I’m glad I didn’t skimp on this part, I am impressed every time I use this product, I would highly recommend this product to anyone doing a lift.”

Jim Carter
Louisville, KY
Homeowner / DIYer

“What a pleasure it was doing business with your company. In dealing with multiple companies in my remodel project, I encountered many problems. The one exception was Nexus 21. Anytime I had a question or problem it was handled immediately, professionally, and always to my satisfaction. Everyone who has seen the lift in action always comments about how quiet it is. I could not be happier with the purchase and also with your sales and support staff. Thanks for all your help.”

Chris Doupe
Memphis, TN

“This is a phenomenal TV lift. It is smooth and silent. Far superior to Inca or Auton. All in all I was really, really happy with it.”

(This lift was installed in the home of one of today’s well-known television celebrities)

Randy Landis
R. Landis Interiors, Inc.
Interior Designer

“Thank You for your great customer service and help throughout this project. Ordering online, sometimes you just never know exactly what you are going to get. In your case, the quality of the lift surpassed our expectations. The packaging, instructions, the precision of parts fitting together was very impressive. We are also extremely satisfied with how quiet the mechanism is. The extra special effort on your part to help modify the installation to accommodate our existing cabinet was very much appreciated. Thank You again for your great service.”

Gayle and Larry Bell
Fort Myers Beach, FL
Home Owner

“We are using the lift cabinet as a room divider, hence the swivel. Regarding your lift: from your website to your packaging, shipping, and ease of installation, it was a pleasure to work with. The engineering behind the mechanism and its operation are The Bomb! I really cannot find a single aspect of Nexus 21 that didn’t exceed my expectations and investment! Thanks for your professionalism and support!”

Gary Minick
Lifestyles By Design
Alexander, NC

“Thank you and your whole staff for a fine product. The lift was packed superbly. The form-fitting foam compartments hold everything securely and would prevent damage from anything but being run over by the delivery truck. The unit is very well constructed and solid with high quality materials. The thick gauge of all the metal parts was unexpected; everything is surprisingly heavy. If we have a nuclear holocaust, only cockroaches and Nexus 21 TV lifts will likely survive! I set the lift up on my workbench just to verify that it was working correctly before I began any cabinet assembly. It was very easy to set-up for this test. Everything operated perfectly; real quick and quiet, just as advertised. The 26.5″ lift from a ~23″ high column is very nice and provides real flexibility in cabinet design. It is a great feature for people who might otherwise need a much taller cabinet. It was easy to install, I especially liked the bayonet bracket that holds and aligns the lift column. This feature allows the lift column to be repeatedly removed and installed, something any DIYer will need to do multiple times, and still maintain its mounting integrity. I loved the quiet, fast operation, and it was easy to program for custom lift height. Overall, I was very happy with the design, construction and quality of the L-27 TV lift. It has worked out beautifully.”

Steve B.
Dix Hills, NY
Homeowner / DIYer

“Thank you so much, you are one of the easiest vendors to work with I have ever encountered!”

Beth Albert
Office Manager, Micro Connection, Inc.
IT Services Provider

“Thanks for all your help with our cabinet maker on how to install the lift. We are so impressed by your customer service! Our cabinet maker and builder were very impressed on how helpful you were in making sure they understood how to get the lift correctly installed. Both of them (separately) told me. Thanks again!”

Betsy Reader
Woodway, TX

“First of all, I love the Nexus 21 lift! It was clear from when I first opened the box that the unit was sturdy…and heavy! It was built every bit as well as you and your website claimed it was. I couldn’t directly compare quality with any other lifts, but this one is definitely well-built and I anticipate it will last for many, many years. Before I purchased this lift, I spent many hours combing the web trying to figure out what size lift I would need, what size TV, what size cabinet, etc.. What I liked most about your website were all the diagrams and measurements for your different lifts. Your website very clearly and concisely detailed all length, width, and depth considerations for the volume I was trying to create for the TV. Your product, support, and customer service have been exemplary. When I show people this project (and I do a lot!), I always tell them if they’re in the market for a TV lift, go straight to the Nexus 21 website. It’s the only one they’ll need!”

Greg St. John
Albuquerque, NM
Homeowner / DIYer

“We just finished installing a Crestron control system and we used a Nexus 21 TV Lift for the client’s flat panel TV. I love the lift. It is so quiet and it really is one of the best ones I have used. It is a great product.”

Bill Lunger
Synergy Audio Video Systems
Orange, CA

“The lift I purchased went into a media room owned by the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company. He is thrilled with the lift system. I am ashamed to admit that we sat there with the remote control playing with the system like a couple of 5 year olds, giggling about how cool this thing is. I anticipate installing quite a few of these in the near future.”

Scott Warren
Fine Homes and Renovations

“We are very pleased with the system. It is very quiet and precise, allowing us to have very small tolerance in the installation.”

Etienne Giguere
R&D Coordinator
Doral International – www.doralboat.com
Watercraft Manufacturer

“I specialize in fabricating custom cabinetry and I have never purchased a product that I was more impressed with; from the time I opened up the box to delivering the product to the customer. The packaging is excellent and the instructions were clear and very user friendly. When I did have a question, all it took was a phone call and Cory walked me through the process. What a first class operation! I want to go to work for a company like that!”

Brent Peterson
Fieldcrest Cabinets
Layton, Utah

“I recently completed a $65,000 custom woodworking job in the den of a large home. I used a Nexus 21 lift for the client’s 60” television and I am very happy with it! I really did not want to use a piece of equipment that might be shaky or noisy, and this lift is SO smooth and quiet! I also recently visited Robb and Stuckey and saw a cabinet they sell with a TV lift – What a difference! I was very surprised at how noisy it was. I will certainly use the Nexus lifts again.”

Ronald Duplessis
Xavier’s Collection
Naples, FL

“My compliments to you, not only on your exceptional product, but the personal assistance you have provided me in installing it. To be more specific, the delivery was prompt, the packaging was excellent, the instruction booklet was clear and helpful and the start-up was simple.”

Larry Roseman

“The Broadmoor Hotel purchased Nexus 21 TV lifts for the suites in our newly renovated South Tower. We have found them to be of very high quality and provide trouble free operation. The lift mechanism is a very simple and straight forward design which is a benefit to both our guests and our maintenance crew. I would recommend Nexus 21 to any company wishing to use TV lifts.”

Terry McHale
Director of Facilities
The Broadmoor Hotel, Inc.

“Stone Creek Furniture is a high end manufacturer of custom furniture and strives to stay at the front of the market in technology options. For several years, we had been looking for a lift mechanism that would suit our high-end clientele. Nexus 21 was able to provide that product with a high quality, aesthetically pleasing lift. We have found great response from our customers, and great satisfaction with the professional service that Nexus 21 has provided. They are definitely a leader in their area of the market.”

Jon Thompson
Director of Engineering & Product Development
Stonecreek Furniture

“I recently bought a Nexus 21 TV lift and it has been the perfect solution. I built my own custom cabinet at home because I wanted to hide the TV from view when not in use. The Nexus lift did exactly what I needed it to do and is a joy to use. The installation instructions, using photos, were easy to follow and the individual parts packaging made assembly pleasurable.”

Roy G.
Pleasanton, CA

“My wife and I are just delighted with it, even beyond our high expectations. I bought the cabinet and the lift system, a sight-unseen product from a company I had never heard of before. If it was something of a gamble, then I hit the jackpot! The cabinet is more handsome than I had expected. The lines are simple and clean, the finish is deep and luxuriant. And [the lift] with its easy control, is even quieter and smoother than I had guessed it would be. An impressive marriage of engineering and design. A hands down winner! Thanks for a product that exceeded our expectations and for customer service that couldn’t have been more helpful.”

Stephen P. Goldman
Washington, D.C.

“Your help was invaluable in working us seamlessly through installation so that we retained all the function while leaving our traditional design completely unchanged. All but one question about a custom fitting problem was covered clearly in your instruction manual. Thanks for not only your helpful suggestions, but also for the equipment that works smooth as glass. Our high end product simply would not “fly” with anything less than near perfection in operation. And your advice about how to make the mechanism accessible even in the event of a power failure was most appreciated. It’s the sort of service we have come to expect. We look forward to a long relationship between our company and yours”

M. Charles Millender
Millender Furniture