TV Lift Battles – Part Three: DIY Versus Custom Built Cabinet

You’ve decided to install a TV lift cabinet in your living room or bedroom. Now comes the next decision. Do you choose to buy a new cabinet, pick up an […]

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TV Lift Battles – Part Two: Inside Versus Behind an Existing Cabinet

Next in our series of TV lift battles is the question of old cabinet use – should you hide your lift inside a cabinet, or attach it to the wall […]

TV Lift Battles – Part One: Floor Versus Ceiling

Considering a TV lift, but unable to decide between a floor or ceiling lift? Here are some tips to help you choose!

TV Lifts – Floor
TV lifts located in the floor […]

Home Automation Trends in 2015 – What’s Next in Tech?

At the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, two million feet of showroom floor was dedicated to the latest in awesome tech – including a large number of […]

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Are You a “Binge Watcher”? A TV Lift Could Enhance Your Habit!

“Bingeing” is a word people usually associate with food, but it’s becoming more common in reference to TV watching! With the increasing popularity of sites like Netflix and Hulu, people are discovering […]

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The Benefits of Ceiling Lifts for Your Small Business

Are you a small business doing your best to win over local customers? Making every experience in your store or shop a pleasant one is the first step towards gaining […]

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4 Reasons to be Thankful for a TV Lift

Reason One: Be thankful that you decide the room layout, not the TV.
Making plans for upgrading your TV this summer? Struggling with the logistics of where to put it? A […]

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6 Inventive Uses for a Hidden TV Lift

Do you have a TV lift? Have you realized what other uses a lift can be installed for? Here are just six ways we’ve seen people use lifts – and […]

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Hospitality Automation – Hotels Kick it up a Notch!

In the highly competitive hospitality industry, cutting costs and filling rooms are the top priorities. How do you provide a superlative experience for all your guests, while saving every penny […]

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Advantages of using TV Lifts in Hotel Rooms

The hospitality industry is a fiercely competitive one. Having extra amenities can set a boutique or chain hotel far above its competitors. TV lift cabinets and other functional TV furniture […]

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