Are You a “Binge Watcher”? A TV Lift Could Enhance Your Habit!

“Bingeing” is a word people usually associate with food, but it’s becoming more common in reference to TV watching! With the increasing popularity of sites like Netflix and Hulu, people are discovering the joys of watching an entire season, or more, in one […]

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The Benefits of Ceiling Lifts for Your Small Business

Are you a small business doing your best to win over local customers? Making every experience in your store or shop a pleasant one is the first step towards gaining their trust! A TV lift can add to your business’ […]

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4 Reasons to be Thankful for a TV Lift

Reason One: Be thankful that you decide the room layout, not the TV.
Making plans for upgrading your TV this summer? Struggling with the logistics of where to put it? A TV lift can hide your TV away safely in the […]

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6 Inventive Uses for a Hidden TV Lift

Do you have a TV lift? Have you realized what other uses a lift can be installed for? Here are just six ways we’ve seen people use lifts – and that doesn’t even scratch the surface of possibilities!

We’ve said it […]

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Hospitality Automation – Hotels Kick it up a Notch!

In the highly competitive hospitality industry, cutting costs and filling rooms are the top priorities. How do you provide a superlative experience for all your guests, while saving every penny possible per room?

Automation is the answer. By controlling the room […]

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Advantages of using TV Lifts in Hotel Rooms

The hospitality industry is a fiercely competitive one. Having extra amenities can set a boutique or chain hotel far above its competitors. TV lift cabinets and other functional TV furniture can maximize the space in hotel rooms, make each guest’s […]

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4 Reasons having a TV lift in the Bathroom is a Great Idea

Have a TV in the living room, the den or the family room? Good. In the bedroom? Great. In the bathroom? Awesome! Having a TV in the bathroom is so much better then you ever thought it could be. Having […]

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Trends in Interior Design – the Media Room

As we move further and further into the digital age, we access visual data on so many devices. We have phones, tablets, notebooks, netbooks, laptops and PCs. We can watch movies; stream music videos or YouTube; view special broadcasts, and […]

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3 Ways to Use a TV Lift in the Kitchen

Is your kitchen boring or cramped? Trick it out with amazing lifts and find out how much easier it is to get around and use your kitchen. You’ll start spending more time there and enjoying it once it is modified […]

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Architects – Are you Taking Advantage of Advances in TV Technology?

Pretty much every single home in the USA has a TV. In some homes, nearly every single room in use has a TV! In addition to the actual hardware of the television set, most homes also have cable boxes, subscriptions, […]

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