Awesome Foot of Bed Hidden TV

Do you like watching TV in the bedroom? Here are some ideas to make that activity even more fun!

  1. Set up your room to make TV watching comfortable. Extra pillows or wedges on the bed make for a comfy movie time, or if there is room you can set up a pair of recliners.
  2. Have somewhere to put the drinks and snacks. Seriously. A movie without snacks isn’t worth it!
  3. Have some plan to protect the duvet. A beach towel works. This catches stray pieces of popcorn and splutters of cola if you take a sip at the wrong moment during a comedy.
  4. DVR it. Commercials are no fun! A DVR could be your best friend. It also lets you watch more TV in less time, so you can finish before you fall asleep.
  5. Buy a Netflix subscription. Christmas break is all about giving the kids the rest of the house and holing up in the bedroom for binge time.
  6. Get a TV lift. One that goes in a cabinet is awesome; one that fits in your footboard is INCREDIBLE. You can slide it out of the way during the day and bring it out after dinner when it’s jammies time.
  7. Have a safe place to hide your remote for the TV lift. A remote basket for all of your remotes is actually a great idea, and it can live on the closet’s top shelf when not in use.

That’s it! What are your bedroom TV watching tips?