Nestled in the hills of Bel Air, California, sits the definition of luxury: a 12,600-square-foot smart home. Hidden technology can be found throughout the 9 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, and two balconies that overlook the Stone Canyon Reservoir.

The most stunning view can be found by stepping onto the private balcony, outside the Grand Suite, on the third level. With just the push of a button, the home’s hidden technology begins moving. The 75” TV raises into the ceiling, curtains recede into pockets, and the entire lighting environment readjusts to a preset mood. “Most clients who come here and purchase homes in this neighborhood are buying the great view,” said Tommy Bartnick, owner of Malibu Wired, the AV integrators on the Bel Air Project.

“We’ve loved working on this project because it does not stop on any of the features,” Bartnick explained, “It was nice to work with people who have a high budget. It allows us to come in and put in home automation the way we want to.”

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Smart Home Features

Throughout the home you’ll find panels, instead of light switches, that trigger presets to change the mood of each room. KNX, a french-based smart home company, runs the lighting and blind control. Malibu Wired joined the project for the remaining hidden technology needs; including a drop-down TV.

“The reason we picked Nexus 21 for this project is because this room needed a TV,” Bartnick said, “but they didn’t want to see it every day.” The designer/architect of the home approached Malibu Wired describing how he wanted to preserve the stunning view while giving the homeowner full-functionality within the space. For Bartnick, the biggest selling point for including a Nexus 21 L-75i was the silence and reliability of the solution. As well as its ability to have “zero footprint when the lift is in the up position, and when it comes down, it exposes a TV of almost any size.”

Where AV Meets Design

Bartnick says that the AV industry is drastically changing; and how they incorporate hidden technology into a home is becoming part of the design process. “Architects will ask us what we can do to fix their problems,” Bartnick explained, “Nexus 21 helps us hide TVs, there’s mirror TV’s or invisible speakers that can be built inside the drywall. All of these open up a room, so there’s no technology visible, and just more of a luxury feel for the designer to work with.”

Why Nexus 21

Malibu Wired has worked with multiple TV lift companies in the past, but have since switched to Nexus 21. Bartnick says the ease of install, dedicated technical support team, and quick lead time have made them loyal customers. “We love working with Nexus 21,” Bartnick said, “The company itself loves to help us make their products look beautiful in homes.”

Bartnick foresees hidden technology being incorporated into more projects, as luxury home development continues.

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