Large Poolside TV

When looking to install a new TV lift, there are a number of options, from pop-ups to drop downs and even stand alone lift cabinets. However, when adding furniture is not an option, an under-floor TV lift can be the perfect solution.

Awe-Inspiring Solution

An under-floor lift is a jaw dropping solution that allows you to take a space with a stunning window view and transform it into a whole-home theater in less than 30 seconds. The seamless and quiet integration into your current floor plan delights guests as the TV rises from beneath the ground to the perfect viewing height.

Living Room TV

Flexibility in Design

Utilizing an under-floor lift allows for more flexibility and creativity, and does not require additional cabinetry to house your TV. If a second floor, or limited attic space, prevents you from utilizing a drop-down lift, this can be the perfect solution with a similar effect. Nexus 21 under-floor lifts can accommodate up to a 103″ TV, allowing more wall space to work with when customers want a large TV. 

TV on Patio near Pool

Optimal for Outdoor Use

All Nexus 21 lifts are weather resistant. Deionized powder-coated steel allows the lifts to withstand extreme heat and extreme cold and makes them corrosion resistant. If the lift is being installed in marine applications, our team will be sure to upgrade your hardware to stainless steel at no additional cost. For any outdoor applications, your lift enclosure should be water-proofed to ensure reliability of any and all electrical components.

Requires Below-Home Space

Not every home is capable of housing an under-floor lift. Modifying structural supports or digging into your home’s foundation may not be a feasible option. If you run into this problem, a drop-down or flip-down TV lift can work just as effectively to preserve space without adding furniture. For homeowners utilizing the space below their home, soffits can house the lift while maintaining a clean design.

Placement Considerations

Under-floor lifts are best suited to be installed in areas with low foot traffic like near a wall or behind furniture. This means your lid is less likely to be stepped on or have something spilled near them. Consider your home layout and these specific placement needs when selecting the best lift style for your space.

End of Pool TV


Design the Space in Advance

While moving an under-floor lift is possible, it requires time and resources. Unlike TV lift cabinets, new construction is required with each move, and not all desired locations are possible. Due to these constraints, ensuring that your design plans are complete before starting construction is recommended.

Are You Ready to Install?

Nexus 21 offers three types of under-floor lift models; all of which have near silent operation, extra-long extension, and are backed by our full 10-year warranty.

The XL-75 can hold up to a 75″ TV and provides 64″ of vertical travel. This model can be upgraded to include manual swivel, with 180° of rotation in either direction.

The L-90 can hold up to a 103″ TV and provides 50″ of vertical travel. This model was named a 2015 Electronic House Product of the Year for it’s precision execution and nearly-silent telescoping lift mechanism that conceals all hardware and cabling.

The Nexus 21 Relationship Management Team is ready to consult buyers about which lift model best suits their needs. Call 1-888-981-9919 today to start your next project.