Building Trust

We posed the question: “What is the most important factor in an integrator/customer relationship?” For the Chief Operating Officer of Arizona-based BeetleCo, Trevor Williams, the answer was trust. “It gets to a point with your customer where they just kind of look to you and say, ‘Look – you’re out there, you’re living this every day. Why don’t you tell me what’s cool?’” Williams explained while standing in the middle of his latest application.

The luxury Phoenix, Arizona, home sits atop Camelback mountain overlooking stunning cliffs. The floor-to-ceiling windows put the view front and center, and are just the final touch on a house built around an open concept design. Upstairs, the master bedroom has no fourth wall; connecting it to the living area, but leaving little space for a TV.

Having just purchased the house, the client approached BeetleCo, looking to “make the home his own.” “He kind of set budgets and gave us a general direction,” Williams said, “and we tried to come back and give him a reason to go into the room.”


Finding Space for the TV

Having been given creative freedom with this installation, Williams decided the “cool” solution was dropping down a large TV from the ceiling — to keep the open concept, but turn the bedroom into a home theater in seconds. The problem? The roof was built “a little low” and most lifts would only accommodate a 60” TV in that space.

This is when Williams turned to Nexus 21. “The people at Nexus are great! It’s easy to call them up and say, ‘Hey! I’ve got a customer and they want to hang a 75” TV out of their ceiling. Can you get me that part tomorrow?’” Williams was able to stop by Nexus 21’s facilities the next day and pick up a Model L-75i to accommodate the TV the client wanted, in the space available. The install took less than a day, “It’s just a great solution. It’s reliable, it works well. I’ve never had a problem with it,” said Williams.


Customizing the Top Plate

With the lift system solution in hand, Williams next task was creating a top plate that flowed well with the rest of the house. Willams explains how they “wanted to take a different approach to this top plate. We wanted something that would hide the seams in the ceiling, where the plate meets up. We thought, ‘We’re here in Arizona and it would be cool if we could put some cooling up in the attic where the TV sits.’ So, we ducted an air conditioning unit to it and made the lift look like a linear diffuser. So, it actually blows cold air, and it looks kind of cool.”

BeetleCo designed the custom top plate with the customer’s logo and then laser cut it out of aluminum.  “Now it looks like it belongs in the room, as opposed to a piece of drywall that you see with the seams all around,” Williams said.

For Williams, this application is just another tip of the hat to their business model of taking the client’s entire problem into consideration, and asking they trust BeetleCo to come back with a one-of-a-kind solution. “We try and do it all,” Williams said, “and we’re pretty good at what we do.”

Ready for Install

Along with the L-75i, Nexus 21 offers two other drop-down models to accommodate the most popular sizes of TVs. If you have limited attic space or wish to place a drop-down TV on the first floor, we offer the CL-65 flip-down TV lift for up to 65″ screens. As with all Nexus 21 lifts, the mechanism is made with precision milled hardware that is weather resistant and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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