Lift System in Aquarium Cabinet

Looking for a place to hide a TV lift that will make a statement? Check out these fantastic ideas:

Behind an heirloom piece of furniture is a great place for a TV lift. You can hide extra components inside a dresser cabinet, and have the TV slide up from behind the piece of furniture when triggered. You only lose the small amount of floor space needed for extra clearance between the furniture piece and the wall with the lift installed.

A TV lift that rises up from behind large fish tank is another spectacular option. The back of the fish tank will be busy with plants and swimming fish, so a TV rising up from behind it will be quite a surprise. This is a great idea because you still get movement and color in that part of the room even when the TV is down and off.

You can use TV lifts in the kitchen as well – imagine a fully stocked bar that slides up in the back corner of a counter top, with everything you need for afternoon tea. Alternately, have a slim flat screen rise from one end of the breakfast bar, allowing you to watch a bit of the morning show with your bagel and orange juice before leaving for work.

TV lifts in the closet can drop a cabinet down from the ceiling where your important documents are kept. Using a lift allows you to store jewelry, valuables, and even guns out of the way and safe from burglars as well as prying eyes or children’s hands.

An in-floor lift can let you keep a TV out of the way in a game room, allowing you to strictly monitor screen time. When the movie is over, return the TV to its storage place and toss a throw rug down so kids can play with blocks or Legos.

Look around your home at your favorite examples of home décor, and figure out how you can incorporate a TV lift. Maybe a beloved painting can slide away or you can even convert an old fireplace so that the TV comes down in front of the chimney instead of Santa for this year’s viewing of It’s a Wonderful Life!