It goes all the way back to the Jetsons – the homes of the future!  While robots that do housework are still out of reach (no, Roombas don’t count), we can all have a TV lift!

You can turn your own house into a futuristic hideout by using TV lifts in many areas of the home for different purposes. Of course, the first idea is to use them for televisions; the idea of your TV seamlessly appearing on demand and disappearing when not in use is something that appeals to many – especially if we have kids in the house!

Sleek Kitchen TV Lift

TV lifts can be installed in the floor, from a hidden recess in a wall, a slot in the ceiling or a hiding place within a cabinet. You can even buy customized furniture that matches your existing suite and décor!

In addition to lifts for your TV, think about other spaces in your home that could benefit form home automation, like the kitchen! You could easily automate your coffee bar, making it magically rise up from a kitchen counter or bar-top ready for early morning use before sliding it away for the day. If you have heavy appliances that are a pain to lug out from high or low cabinets, simply set them on lifts that drop from the cabinet or rise up through the counter. You won’t have to keep deciding making bread dough isn’t worth having to hunt for the machine, or that maybe straight vodka instead of frosty blended beverages will have to do.

In the bathroom, the lift can shine as well! All it would take is pressing a button for your medicine cabinet to descend form the ceiling, where your medications are safe from prying eyes or tiny hands. Cleaning products can be stored under the closet floor, with no need for locks.

Install a lift in the bedroom, in the floor to keep valuables, weapons or ammunition secure. A small safe can easily be put in place for extra security in case of flood or fire!

You can even bring a lift into your home office, making your PC and monitor slide below your desktop to keep important data secure, and give you space to use the desktop for other things – such as a client meeting or an evening puzzle playtime.

Step into the future by adding a TV lift or four to your home! Talk to a Nexus 21 lift guy today about bringing your dream home into the future!