If you are into home building, one of the fastest growing trends today is home automation. People want the latest in high-tech in their new home, and you can steer them in the right direction!

Home automation goes way beyond the automatic garage door and a keypad for the front door. Today’s possibilities include the ability to adjust your thermostat remotely, lock and unlock doors, have voice command activated appliances and dozens of other options.

A TV lift is a natural step to take when it comes to upgrading new home plans! Homeowners would jump at the chance to have such a device installed before they move in. You can sit down with them and discuss the layout, mark where TV lifts would be effective and useful, and have the installation done during the build.


An added advantage of considering TV lifts in the building stage is that wiring becomes a lot easier. There is also no need to come back later and cut into walls, ceilings or floors. The lifts go in during installation and are a considered design addition, not an afterthought.


Why use Nexus 21 TV lifts? Here are just a few reasons we are one of the top choices for homebuilders:

  • Added Value. A home with TV lifts is worth more than one without. Bottom line, case closed!
  • You can use TV lifts for televisions in any room of the house, or adapt them to hold kitchen appliances, gun safes, medicine cabinets and more.
  • Space-Saving. Our telescoping left columns allow for a much lower installation height.
  • No Maintenance. There is never any lubrication of the tracks required with our lifts, eliminating maintenance related injuries.
  • Super Quiet. Our lifts are the quietest in the industry – no grinding.

A Nexus 21 TV lift adds value to your project, and will amaze your clients. Best of all, once the job is done, it’s done. The lift has a five year full replacement warranty and the home owner can call Nexus 21 directly if they have an issue – not you. We promise to take care of your clients long after their home is completed!

Don’t build another house without a TV lift! Call today and find out about our pricing.