Sea Ray 550 sedan with TV lift

Imagine yourself leaning back into a cushy bench at the stern of your yacht. That familiar lake breeze is strolling from port to starboard and you’re ready to spend a night relaxing in front of your TV.

That’s what life is like for Nexus 21’s maritime clients and, in particular the concealment system and boat we’re going to focus on in the next few minutes.

The boat in question is a 1994 Sea Ray 550 Sedan Bridge, owned by Bret Burgess of Caledonia, Mich. She’s a real beauty of boat. The bridge is up high and the saloon (living room) is down low. There’s plenty of space for a party with friends but the boat is small enough to where you’ll feel right at home when it’s just you and the loved ones going out for an evening cruise.

Solving Your Space Problems

Now, let’s get back to that scene where you’re relaxing on the back of the boat. You get up and walk through a bulkhead that opens to your living room, dining room and bar. The space is ample, but trying to fit a, let’s say, 43” TV in here is going to cause some problems. It’s either going to sit on top of the cabinets to your left and block the gorgeous views of the lake, or you’re going to have to get real creative with attaching it to a wall.

Thankfully, Bret took the concealment route. Take a look at the video below to get a sense of the TV’s placement, as well as the vertical travel of the lift and how it rises and falls without a hitch.

The L-27s: 360 Degrees of Versatility

Lets take a moment to recognize the simplicity of our machinery. Rather than staring at a scissor lift creaking its way open, or lurching motors struggling to work their way to an open position, you’re seeing a smooth lift arm raising a TV without making much sound at all. The lift we see here is the L-27s. If you’re new to Nexus 21, that “s” stands for swivel. It means exactly what you think it does – once the TV is raised and in place, you can manually swivel the unit left or right up to 360 degrees.


The ability to swivel your TV is pretty crucial in a boat. Light changes throughout the day, and even though Bret has curtains and blinds on his windows, you’d hate to have to cover up the view just so you can watch football on Sunday afternoon.

Swivel Lifts and Floating Lids: Perfect Match

You might have noticed the floating lid on this concealment. Because Bret opted to go for the swivel lift, a hinged lid wouldn’t work here because the lift’s range of motion would conflict with the stationary, hinged lid. So, he had to go with the floating lid.


We call it “floating” because it sits on top of the TV. The lift rises and falls so smoothly that you can place photos and other keepsakes on top of the lid without worry about them falling over (this may not apply to your boat, though).

Now, if a hand gets caught between the descending lid and the top of the, the lid pops off. It’s a safety mechanism we’ve named our “breakaway” lid. Click here to learn more about the two most common types of lids.

Well-Placed Catches


Take a closer look at the concealment when it’s open. You’ll notice that there’s a couple of pieces of material sitting in each corner of the opening. They’re what’s known as “catches”, small platforms that provide support for your lid corners. Not only do they provide a resting place for the lid, but they also help support any weight that may press down on the lid’s corners.

Now, back to the lift – Nexus 21’s L-27s. You may be wondering how our materials hold up in a maritime environment. The lift column and brackets are covered in a protective powder coat, sealing the metal parts from the elements. And for water-bound lifts we supply all stainless steel hardware to avoid any issues with oxidation and rust.

The Specs


Pop Up TV Lift

The L-27s can hold up to 130 pounds (lid included) and measures 24.5 inches high, 24 inches wide and 5.1 inches deep. The lift can support up to a 48-inch TV. As with all of our lifts, the L-27s comes with a 10-year warranty and a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

Whether you are doing this project on your own or are hiring a professional to install the concealment, we’ll provide you or your professional detailed documents that will make installation easier than you think.

To Swivel or Not To Swivel?

Our L-27s lifts are really popular in tight spaces like boats, RV’s, buses and even in furniture at the foot of the bed. It’s a versatile lift that looks good from almost any angle.

Have you installed the L-27s in your home, boat or vehicle? Head to the comments section below to let us know how it went or to give your fellow lift owners a few tips.