executive desk tv lift

How is your office looking these days? Is it up to date? Does it have high tech devices to impress visitors? It might be time for an upgrade in any of these places:

Reception Areas
Do you have a large influx of clients during each day, with any sort of wait time? A TV in the waiting or reception area could make the difference between grumpy, impatient people and content, relaxed ones. A TV lift can easily be installed in the ceiling or in a cabinet, so it can be slid into view during working hours.

This single renovation can make all the difference in the world. If your clients have children, consider two lifts, on opposite sides of the room, with a designated kid area for them to watch shows and play. When the work-day is done, simply push a button and hide the TVs from sight, so they are not a temptation to cleaning staff or other people in the building after you are gone for the day.

conference room tv lift

Meeting Rooms
You can easily use a Nexus 21 lift to mount a flat screen inside a nice piece of wooden conference room furniture. This ensures it will be readily available for whenever you need it. You can also bring it out if you have someone waiting in the room so they can catch up on the news. As a bonus, the TV won’t be a distraction during weekly team meetings or company lunches.

This also makes sense from a power saving perspective. With an automatic shutoff feature, the TV won’t be on standby mode since the TV will be turned off and not draining any energy when it’s not in use. TV lifts can also be used for wide screen computer monitors for special presentations.

Your Office
Speaking of computers, why not use a TV lift to raise and lower your actual desktop monitor? This can completely streamline your executive workspace. Imagine having a completely unobstructed view across your desk during meetings with clients. Suddenly, you need to refer to something on your PC. You hit a hidden button, and your computer monitor slides elegantly into view. You nonchalantly swivel it so you and your client can see the screen, and continue with your meeting, secretly thrilled at their look of shock and respect!

Bring your office into 2014 with TV lifts that enhance and entertain. You’ll be amazed at what such a simple upgrade can do for your workplace! Call Nexus 21 and we’ll help you make your selection today.