Having a home theater inside is so two years ago. The new thing is being able to watch the game or your favorite movie in your backyard. It should be noted; we blame global warming for this new trend.

Here are 5 outdoor home theaters any neighbor would be envious of:

Outdoor BBQ TV Lift

1. Scottsdale, AZ
47” television on a Nexus 21 L-40s TV lift

This TV swivels 180 degrees so you never have to miss a minute of the game. The homeowner built this television into the granite counter. When the TV is down it is out of site and out of mind.

Outdoor Pool TV

2. Camarillo, CA
37” television on a Nexus 21 L-23s TV lift

Hot tubs and good movies were meant for each other. Kick back, relax and be entertained. This hidden TV has a stone lid and when lowered you would never know it was there. The waterproof seal the installer used on this lid allows for the kids to play and splash about without the television and lift getting wet. Nice install!

Infinity Edge Pool TV

3. Laguna Beach, CA
65” television on a Nexus 21 L-53 TV lift

As if an infinity pool over looking the Pacific wasn’t enough to entertain this Laguna Beach homeowner, he decided to install this 65” TV behind the pools edge. Even March Madness can’t keep this family from missing a sunset together. Wow!!

Outdoor Patio Hidden TV

4. Westbury, NY
50” television on a L-40 Nexus 21 TV lift

This east cost patio was transformed into an outdoor living area when the customer installed this custom cabinet that encloses a 50” TV for watching the game or the families favorite movies. “Wilson!!!”

5. Tucson, AZ
Watch the video above for the full story of this outdoor patio bar.