Out of Floor Television

When a visible television doesn’t work for your space installing a TV floor lift can better the appearance, feel, and living arrangements of your household. With a push of the button you can make it rise up or sink down, and change the entire theme of your living space from entertainment center into a quiet, distraction free environment. A TV floor lift can be the simple solution to many issues, including:

  • A lack of space in your living area, and the lack of room to place an entertainment center.
  • The desire to have a simple, updated, and uncrowded feel to your home.
  • Times when your significant other wants to entertain guests in TV-free situations.
  • A disagreement between having a large television in the living room and not having one.
  • Keeping the TV hidden until homework and/or chores are done, so kids have incentive.

Whether you plan on putting a hidden TV lift in the bedroom, kitchen, dining room, or even the bathroom, the possibilities and advantages to having one are endless. The ability to choose when you want your TV to be visible can mean the opportunity to bring up a TV to cook along to an episode of your favorite cooking show, or a way to set up an ambient atmosphere with a quiet film.

Even the location options are endless. Instead of searching for space to place a TV stand, you can pick a spot to have your TV lift installed, and let your imagination run free. The ceilings and floors of every side of the room are options, and there are few limits to what you can do to make the most of small spaces.

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