TV Lift in RV

A TV lift is an RV traveler’s best friend! For far too long, one of the major inconveniences of having a TV in an RV has come down to space. It always seem like RV owners want more TV than space allows. The small stock televisions dangling from the ceiling are certainly functional, by why settle for functional when you can have a big flat screen TV that makes you feel just like you’re still in the living room back home?

With little effort, a TV lift can be installed in a number of locations in an RV, but the most common location is behind one of the side bench seats – which one is purely the owner’s preference. This means no more rainy days in the RV straining to see a tiny TV screen. The second advantage, which is no small thing, is that you don’t lose any of your usable storage/living space or valuable windows for viewing the countryside. On a long haul, space and view is always at a premium.

Finally, there is the safety issue. A well stowed television using a TV lift is not going to be so susceptible to the bouncing around that even a big vehicle will experience on the road from time to time. It is never going to fall over. There are no bulky and aesthetically unappealing straps or fixtures to hold it in place. With a TV lift, your unit is there when you want, and safely secured out of sight when you don’t.