We like to call Tom Scaglione’s recent Scottsdale, Ariz., TV concealment, “The Scottsdale Sneak.”

Why? Because Tom, like many Nexus 21 customers, faced a dilemma during the planning phase of the remodel of the living room in his beautiful home. His wife didn’t want a television screen marring the elegance and calm of their living room. That’s when Tom and his cabinet maker Morgan Nielsen called Nexus 21 and came up with a solution to “sneak” his TV into an inconspicuous corner of the living room.

“The designer involved in this project as well as myself knew that the Nexus 21 product was the only one that would do what we wanted it to do,” Morgan told us recently. “As long as you have it level and plumb, the thing operates the first time, every time.”

Reading the Room
Tom’s living room is every bit the tranquil, composed space we thought it would be. The walls are painted in a soothing shade of taupe. When we saw the living room, we knew exactly why Tom’s wife didn’t want a television in plain sight.

The focal point of the room is a beautiful piece of Japanese clothing hung above the fireplace. A set of three Japanese swords sit in front of the hearth. A piece of pottery on the left side of the fireplace adds the final touch to a cohesive theme.

Adding a television to this space would disrupt the visual harmony of the room. Thankfully, as we said, Tom and Morgan gave us a call.

Tom’s Solution
Their solution for TV concealment was brilliant. They chose to add the flat-screen to an L-shaped cabinet feature that separates the living room from small hallway and an adjacent room. The cabinet sports deep-brown wood with a pale ivory countertop. A striking black sculpture adorns one end of the cabinet and Tom’s concealed TV is tucked away on the other side of the cabinet.

The lift of choice in this project was the L-27s, which fits TV’s with screen sizes of up to 48”. Tom’s TV was big enough to provide visual punch for viewers on the room’s couches, but not so big that it ruined the feel of the room when it was lifted.

As we look back on Tom’s project, design became an important principle to us. How a TV looks in a room when it’s hidden and lifted isn’t just a matter of the concealment factor, it’s a matter of the unit’s integration into the feel and flow of the room.

In Tom’s case, his L-27s lift and its positioning in the corner of the room afforded he and his wife the assurance that, even when the TV was revealed, it wouldn’t interrupt the ambiance of the room. The Japanese garment and the swords in the middle of the room remain the focal point.

Swivel Happy
Another important factor here is the swivel capability of Tom’s L-27s. Even though the lift and its television aren’t in the direct line of sight of someone seated on the couch, the swivel component of the L-27s makes the screen visible from any angle in the living room.

Like we said before, the overall composition of a room is an important factor in choosing the location of your lift. The swivel feature of our L-27s lift plays to this comprehensive visual concept, allowing you to put the lift and TV nearly anywhere in the room while maintaining a sense of design harmony.

And, of course, the added bonus here is that Tom gets to watch Arizona Cardinals football and keep his wife happy. You can’t really beat that.

So what do you think of Tom’s L-27s setup? Have you done something similar with a hidden TV? Let us know in the comments section below.