Floor vs Ceiling TV Lifts

Considering a TV lift, but unable to decide between a floor or ceiling lift? Here are some tips to help you choose!

TV Lifts – Floor
TV lifts located in the floor can be a convenient way to store TVs in living rooms or bedrooms that have wooden flooring. The room has a TV-free look, then suddenly – up your TV comes out of the cleverly hidden floor panel. If underfloor space is limited you can install the lift halfway into the floor and raise the television from inside an antique trunk. This clever trick will surely make your guests say, “How did you do that?!”

TV Lifts – Ceiling
Floor lifts aren’t right for every situation. It can be better to have the TV descend from the ceiling if you are putting one in a bedroom or living room with a carpeted floor, since the seams may be difficult to hide and a rug to cover the spot is redundant. It’s also common to have a ceiling lift in a kitchen where the TV is hidden inside an upper cabinet, or in an RV or boat, where an under floor lift is impractical.

In either case, hiding your TV in the existing space provided can help you immensely when you simply don’t have room for an entertainment center. Added benefits of both ceiling and floor TV lifts are that you won’t have cords and cables running everywhere, preventing household pets from chewing on them and keeping children safe from tripping or pulling on them.

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