Pop Up TV in SUV

Your SUV can be a classy ride. It’s a big vehicle, with lots of space. There’s plenty of legroom. With an upgrade to the stereo, it rocks the block. What if you could make your ride even more cool and classy?

Ultimate Tailgate Machine
A TV lift can be installed in the rear of your SUV, making it a tailgate event classic. Just pop the back, activate the lift, and enjoy the game from the parking lot or your own driveway. Set up the hibachi grill, break out those ice cold beverages, get out the camp chairs, and relax. It’s a great day for you whether your team wins or loses!

Outdoor Concert
This set-up is also great for picnics or parties at the park. Just roll your wheels in close to the gathering, open the back door wide, and turn the music up. Your TV screen slides up into view, and your music videos are adding to the fun in full HD!

Drive-in Movie Experience
Remember the fun of watching movies at the drive in? These experiences are dwindling as big screen stand forgotten by old, unused highways – but you can recreate the experience a little by thinking outside of the box.

Back your souped-up SUV up against a square patch of grass, roll out some thick blankets, pop some buttery corn, and crack some soda cans. You can watch classics like the Wizard of Oz or Bambi under the stars, and show your kids what real family time should be like!

Graduation Present
Graduation party looming? Think about tricking out your kid’s present with a full set-up. He or she will be the envy of all of their friends when it’s revealed that their new ride doesn’t just have four wheels and a paint job, but a full-scale entertainment system. A TV lift, a flat screen and some serious speakers give your kid instant street cred!

Rock the Block Party
You can’t beat having your own little gift to the neighborhood being that no-one has to miss the big game. Socialize around your tailgate while checking the score. A TV in the back makes everything possible. You can even can put on a kids’ movie later when the children start to get over-tired and the adults just want to relax and crack open the box wine.

Contact a Nexus 21 tech today and find out how we can pimp your ride!