Awesome Foot of Bed Hidden TV

We love all the different ways people find to create a specific look for a room (or a vehicle or an outdoor living area) using our TV lifts. What’s especially cool is the way a popup lift can be incorporated into an ornate, antique, or hand crafted piece of cabinetry. We’ve seen all types of materials and designs to fit home décor from ultra-modern to rustic. But we still think the TV lift industry is just scratching the surface of themed lift applications. The foot-of-the-bed lift in this picture with its little round inset speakers got us thinking about a brand new theme for TV lift cabinetry – Steampunk!

It’s Everywhere – and It’s Piping Hot
This Victorian-era inspired aesthetic is all the rage. You don’t even have to visit your local Renaissance Festival or AnimeCon to see this kind of cosplay. People are trotting about at the mall in top hats and corsets these days. But this counterculture isn’t just about getting dressed up. If you ask Austin Sirkin, there are a number of reasons people are drawn to Steampunk. Here are just a couple:

“The workings of modern technology are literally incomprehensible to the average person, and the lack of control that it creates makes people want easily-understood machines.”

“Most people no longer make things with their hands, and find that they crave the ability to just make something, and Steampunk gives them that opportunity.”

Sounds like the same people who love a good TV lift project. Our lifts are actually elegantly simple and easy to understand and work with. A popup lift also provides a perfect core around which to construct a gorgeous Steampunk cabinet. If you think electronic technology and age-of-steam don’t mix, you’re in for a surprise. Check out how people are kitting out their laptops and smartphones these days.

What Would a Steampunk TV Lift Cabinet Look Like?
Wood, metal, leather, glass and lace are the materials of choice for this kind of intricate design project. We imagine something in distressed mahogany with lots of copper gears. Maybe it could even have a little gadget that sends out a puff of steam when you push the button on the remote control…

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