Media Cabinet with Hidden TV

If you enjoy making your own high quality, handmade furniture, why not attempt a TV cabinet? With a TV lift option, you don’t have to construct an enormous entertainment center. The entire piece can be under four feet tall. All you have to do is ensure that it is strong enough to hold the lift, and big enough to house the size of television you plan to use it for.

We offer a wide range of TV lift cabinets that can be matched to existing décor. Various kinds of wood grain, stains, sizes and styles are all compatible with modern furniture suites. However, when you have a more eclectic style of décor, or prefer a handmade look, creating your own TV lift cabinet can be the right choice.

Start by deciding if you want to repurpose an older piece of furniture or start from scratch. Older pieces have their own type of charm, from elegant to rustic. In many cases, joints are still solid or can be reinforced as needed without having to do complex build work. You can strip and stain an old cabinet, add the necessary hardware, and finish out the surface so it gleams. Install the TV lift and the television, and you are all set.

For more experienced woodworkers, a full cabinet build from conception to creation may be more your style. You can draw up the plans, source the materials, and design your very own television cabinet or even a bedstead with the TV cabinet built into the footboard. There are dozens of different ways to do it, and you’ll enjoy the feeling you get from creating something both attractive and useful.

Not sure exactly what you want the finished project to look like? Visit our Pinterest page and take a look at projects some of our DIY clients have incorporated TV lifts into. There’s always room for innovation and experimentation when it comes to marrying age old skills with modern technology!