It’s not just televisions that audiovisual aficionados want to hide away out of sight. There’s also a market for “invisible” speakers. These devices are designed to provide hi-fidelity audio without any ugly wall mounts or dangling cables. You get the illusion of sound coming from everywhere and nowhere all at once. However, not everyone is convinced that hidden speakers can deliver the type of sound quality necessary for an optimal listening experience. After all, if you put a speaker inside of or behind something else, won’t that muffle or distort the acoustics?

Click, Look and Listen!
One speaker manufacturer has decided to set the record straight on this topic. Stealth Acoustics has released performance measurements from tests conducted by a third party lab. The results of CLF (Common Loudspeaker Format) software readings demonstrate that the stealth speakers deliver sound quality that can give any similar exposed speaker a run for its money. That’s true even when the front panel of the speaker is covered with paint or other common wall surface treatments. The manufacturer has made the test files available to the public so you can see and interpret the data for yourself.

Pair Hidden Audio with Hidden Video
The LR6 mentioned in this HiddenWires article is designed for use in large commercial spaces – such as boardrooms and other meeting areas. We’ve seen speakers hidden inside a TV lift cabinet in a conference room before; but being able to mount speakers invisibly in the wall or ceiling opens up even more possibilities. Of course, you could still have the TV hidden under the meeting table, in a standalone cabinet, or in the ceiling (with a drop down TV lift). That would put it in the perfect viewing range for videoconferencing, presentations, and more. With all your business A/V tech stored out of sight when it’s not in use, you leave the meeting space clear and uncluttered for other purposes.

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