TV Lift in Backyard Grill

With summer weather on the way, customers will look outside for their next project. A TV lift can be the perfect addition to a luxurious outdoor space, while also keeping a TV safe from the elements. Here are 3 tips and tricks to keep your clients happy for years to come.


Waterproof the Enclosure

As with all Nexus 21 products, the mechanisms are produced to the highest standards in engineering with longevity and reliability in mind. The use of deionized powder-coated steel makes the lift extremely weather resistant in both cold and hot climates. The mechanisms are also corrosion resistant, allowing them to withstand outdoor climates. To ensure the lift remains in pristine condition, take precautions to waterproof the enclosure housing it.

There are several ways to go about waterproofing the enclosure. Installing a rubber gasket around the opening is more than enough in most applications. When the lift is closed, the lid will press down on the gasket preventing rain, pool water and spilled liquids from getting inside.

If a rubber gasket is not an option, our Relationship Management Team can provide suggestions for additional waterproofing techniques.

Ask for a Stainless Steel Upgrade

For projects near the ocean, where salinity and corrosion may be a concern, ask our team for a stainless steel upgrade on your hardware. All Nexus 21 lifts can be delivered with stainless steel hardware, for free, to make sure ensure your lift is protected.


Consider Using Specialty Lifts

Generally, outdoor TVs are heavier than indoor TVs their indoor counterparts and  outdoor countertops are often made of heavier material, like granite. Choosing a lift such as the DL-45 gives you twice the weight capacity (220lbs) by utilizing two columns rather than one.


Ready for Install

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