tv cable management

Audiovisual cables can make your viewing area look a mess – not what you want when you hope to enjoy the latest HBO series or chick flick (we all love a good chick flick).  Here are 5 ways you keep cables under control:

  1. One of the easiest ways to control runaway and tangled cords is to simply use Velcro strips to band them together at intervals and then tack them to the wall in a straight line. This keeps the coiled look from burgeoning out from behind your television.
  2. You can also run cords through a length of tubing, paint it the same color as you existing décor, and then mount the tubing to the wall and or baseboard.
  3. In homes with paneled walls you may be able to pop a piece of paneling free and run cords and wiring behind the wall to keep it out of sight and mind. You can even cut through drywall and run cords behind the wall, if you are savvy enough to repair it afterwards.
  4. A TV lift cabinet can hold all cords inside the cabinet and provide a sleek, contained look that doesn’t detract from the viewing experience. You can obtain a TV lift cabinet that matches your décor, or adapt an existing cabinet.
  5. A drop down TV lift means all cords are in the ceiling, safely hidden from view! It’s the perfect solution for crowded rooms where having the television and cords down on the ground level can cause more chaos.

When your cables are under control, watching TV can be sheer pleasure, and you don’t have to be embarrassed about a sloppy appearance when you have friends over or worry about kids and pets getting tangled up or yanking plugs out of the wall.