Man Cave TV Setup

Struggling to find the perfect gift for that special man in your life? Perhaps a gift for his man-cave is in order. A man cave, it should be noted, is not an actual cave – it’s any space that the male of the species has claimed as his own. This could be a private study, a basement room or perhaps even the remodeled garage or an outside shed.

The first item every man cave needs is a TV. After that, in no particular order, are a place to sit (a leather recliner seems to be a fave), a place to store beer (hello, college dorm room sized fridge) and a pile of snack foods containing enough preservatives to ensure extreme longevity.

Every year wives, girlfriends and daughters struggle to come up with gift ideas for the men in their lives. Ties. Socks. Bathrobes. Watches. Golf clubs. Tickets to the home games. What can you think up that beats these tried and true options?

Enter the TV lift. It takes something technological and cool (the TV) and makes it even MORE cool with added technology. The best part? There are so many ways to incorporate a TV lift into a man cave!

For a man-cave with an automotive theme, what could be more awesome than a TV lift that pops up out of a car trunk? This theme can be carried out by mounting old car seats on sturdy foundations to be used as seating.

Hidden Storage Bar in Gaming Table

A stylish poker night theme can feature a TV dropping down from the ceiling. Or a storage lift can even be incorporated right into a poker table! Hide away extra cards, poker chips and smooth libations. It’s a terrific way to stay organized when the game is on hiatus and only takes a minute to set up for a night with the guys.

Maybe your guy’s man-cave has a fishing or hunting theme. A TV lift for the TV is just a start. Storage lifts can be incorporated into the room to reveal a gun safe. This could come up from the floor, an old storage locker or even an unassuming cabinet.

All of these ideas are great for a man-cave makeover. Don’t let your imagination stop with regular décor – get crazy with TV lifts and surprise home automation for a man cave that will be the envy of the block.