Home Technology at CEDIA 2017

More than 500 companies were scattered throughout the San Diego Convention Center for CEDIA 2017. Professionals from around the globe converged on the trade show to see the best the residential home technology market has to offer. Everything from motorization to new home security devices could be found at one of the hundreds of booths, but one of the most popular booths at the show created an experience Integrators won’t soon forget.

Just off the main aisle in Booth #2225, Barco Residential created a “complete experience” to showcase the possibilities of multi-purpose media rooms. The recreation of a living room features a top-of-the-line Zero-G screen from Screen Innovations. The award-winning Loki 4K projector is paired with a stunning surround sound system utilizing Steinway Lyngdorf’s Model M speakers powered by the Model P200 surround sound processor. The cherry on top: every piece of technology in the room is completely concealable. This creates a seamless transition from living room to home theater in seconds. Inside the Barco Residential booth two Model M Steinway Lyngdorf speakers are housed in a custom console that allows for rear speakers to be hidden when not in use. The latest home technology innovation from Nexus 21, the Eclipse E-700, is one of the only projector drop-downs in the industry that can accommodate the Loki projector. At the push of a button the E-700 completely conceals the projector above the ceiling.

Creating an Experience

“We’re all about creating an experience,” said Tim Sinnaeve, Managing Director of Barco Residential and the mastermind behind the multi-brand collaboration. “Our values are not just about how amazing the image is,” Sinnaeve explained, “but how we can architecturally integrate everything into the design of the room.” The cornerstone of the display is Barco Residential’s Loki. Just released, the Loki has mastered 4K laser projection and received a Top New Technology Award for its industry-changing design.

Barco Residential was able to utilize the Eclipse E-700 to showcase their projector. “As with all of our products, we designed the Eclipse E-700 with Integrators and their clients in mind,” explained Cory Lovett, CEO of Nexus 21. “We saw what a game-changer the Loki was,” Lovett said, “ and were determined to create a product that was just as revolutionary, to showcase larger projectors in the best way possible.” The Eclipse is the first projector drop-down series to allow for complete concealment. Integrators can attach any ceiling material to the interface plate. This retains the design of the room while also making it exceptionally functional.

Supporting Integrators

For Katherine Spiller, the Director of Sales and Marketing at Steinway Lyngdorf, the collaboration “offers solutions our integration partners had not seen before.” The high-end, residential brands share many clients around the world. “We know that our products are being paired in real-world installations,” Spiller explained, “so showing our brands working together at a show like CEDIA makes immediate sense for our clients.” Steinway Lyngdorf’s speakers create an immersive surround sound experience that bolster the experience of the other featured home technology products.

When brands come together in a showcase, everyone benefits. Multi-purpose room integration is on the rise, leading to clients asking to hide technology. Using CEDIA 2017 as a medium for high-end collaboration allows Integrators to take “this type of seamless solution straight from the trade show floor into a client’s home.”

Watch a walkthrough of the Barco Residential booth and hear from Tim Sinnaeve: