• Hidden Storage Bar in Gaming Table
  • Hidden Storage Bar in Gaming Table
  • Hidden Storage Bar in Gaming Table
  • Hidden Storage Bar in Gaming Table

The chips are piled high on the table.

You and your bros are about three hours into poker night. You’ve had your hot streaks and cold streaks, your full houses and your junk. After dozens of hands, plenty of gamesmanship and one too many complaints about your run of good cards, the table needs a break.

While most rounders will get up from the table to grab a beer or a bite to eat, Nexus 21 clients can remain in their seat. How?

Enter the Speakeasy Poker Table, home to a telescoping lift with a hidden bar.

The hidden bar concept has been around at least as long as the Prohibition era when entire walls spun around to disclose the forbidden swill and a poker game.

We think our Speakeasy table is a beautiful application of the modern man’s leisure needs along with the integration of a smooth, telescoping lift.

We’ll begin with the lift itself. As you can see from the photos, we’ve chosen to use a telescopic lift to raise the table top and reveal the hidden firewater haven below. The lift featured in the Speakeasy is designed to hold up to 100 pounds … that’s plenty of booze, water or snacks as well as a glasses held in place by a handy rack attached between the table top and the main lift platform.

A telescoping lift was the obvious choice here because it integrates visually and functionally into the overall piece. Quite handsome, if you ask us. You can raise your secret stash knowing the lift underneath is made with a dapper finish which harmonizes with the overall look of the table.

And just to be certain the table matches the amazing decor in your card-dealing den, we offer four different colors for each element of the table. The felt playing-surface comes in wine, bottle green, khaki and black.

Poker Table Felt Finish Options

The elbow rest, which presumably sits behind your monster stack of chips, comes in our Avanti-textured bronze, pecan and black. You also have the option of choosing our Levante texture in black.

Poker Table Leather Finish Options

The wooden base and trim comes in four different shades of walnut: American, driftwood, tobacco and espresso. All aces, if you ask us.

Poker Table Wood Finish Options

Poker puns aside, we think the lift’s strength is its collision detection. Should poker players get a little rowdy as they watch their booze (or chips or soda or water) rise out of the table, the lift’s built-in collision detection mechanism will halt the rise of the swill and prevent the Johnny Walker Blue from taking a tumble. Thankfully, even if a stray elbow tips over some Screaming Eagle, that cushy felt is Teflon-treated to resist spills and stains.

Another feature here that will come in handy during a raucous night of bad beats and big blinds is the lift’s 360-degree rotation. Load up the bar with the crowd favorites. When it’s time to take a break from the shufflin’ and dealin’, raise the table and turn it according to the tastes of your table mates: scotch for the old timer, cognac for the loudmouth and bourbon for the big stack, perhaps?

And let’s not forget this table’s Soft Stop technology. When your choice quaffers make their ascent into the chip-laden fray, they’ll come to a stop without making a sound. This is a minor detail, but we think it’s an important one – no use in having a lift if, every time it comes to a stop, the bottles clink and rattle like an airline beverage cart.

We’ve talked a lot about booze in this post, but remember that our Speakeasy Poker Table can be the perfect (hidden) platform for a vertical wine tasting, if that’s your fancy. Line up four or five vintages of your favorite cab and your poker night instantly becomes a savvy soiree of sniffing, swishing and sipping.

The uses for the Speakeasy hidden bar are many. What would you hide in the depths of your poker table? Maybe a couple of spare aces to bail you out next time you’re the underdog?

To learn more about the Speakeasy Poker Table just give us a call at 1-800-293-5067.