Whether you are a fan of The Walking Dead or not, you can’t deny that for many, the thought of a zombie attack is terrifying! Of course, zombies aren’t the only possible threat, and many homeowners depend on the right to protect their castle for peace of mind. If you bear arms you’re going to want to make sure they are fully secured!

A locked gun safe is probably the best location for weapons if you have small children in the home (statistics show that even in savvy gun owning families, accidents still can happen!) For those households with adults only in residence, however, a gun cabinet that simply slides out of view could be the perfect solution.

In case of home invasion (or zombie infestation!), your weaponry is easy to access – at the same time, if there is a break-in when you aren’t at home, the odds of thieves finding your stash are slim to none with a specially equipped lift cabinet holding your arsenal!