TV Lift Bar

A TV lift can be used for many purposes throughout your home – but perhaps the most effective uses take place in the realm of the kitchen and dining rooms.

A wine rack is a piece of elegant furnishing that can add ambience and convenience to the formal dining room – but when not in use, this lovely addition to your home can be problematic. Wine glasses can be shaken and shivered to pieces when running children are in the house, and wine bottles collect dust like that hard-to-reach corner under your bed.

This is where a TV lift cabinet can make all the difference! Simply install your chosen set-up in a cabinet fitted for size and finished to match your existing furniture, and your wine collection will stay out of sight and your glasses unbroken.

As a plus, the cabinet can double as a sideboard for meals when wine is not to be served – when your tee-totaling Aunt Betty comes to visit, for example. You can even top it with a floral centerpiece and no-one will ever know it’s really a cabinet for cabernet.

Contact Nexus 21 today and find out if a TV lift cabinet could safely house your wine collection!