Maldives TV Lift

The safety of a mechanism should always be top-of-mind for professionals when selecting a television or storage lift for a space. To support this need, Nexus 21 lifts feature 5 key safety elements in each system.

Shielded Design


All moving parts of a lift are encased in precision milled hardware that prevents fingers from accessing internal parts, or cords from being entangled as the product is in motion. The steel casing also keeps the lift clean, free of dust, and weather resistant.

Swivel Cut Off and Cord Protection


Each lift is programed to prevent lowering when the TV is swiveled in either direction. The lift will remain extended until you manually rotate the TV and it clicks back into home position. The TV is also prevented from rotating 360º, to ensure the cords do not become entangled. Instead, the lift can swivel 180º in both directions.

Break-Away Lid Design


Every Nexus 21 lift system is shipped with tapered pins that allow the lid to rest in two holes in the top plate. By not affixing the lid to the TV lift, gravity allows the lid to separate from the lift if something is between the lid and the top of the cabinet. This helps prevent permanent injury if a hand is between the two. The weight of the lid must be considered; however, as granite counter tops can be extremely heavy.

Proprietary Safety Technology


Additional programing, known as PIEZO, prevents the lift from causing material damage. If someone is standing on an under-floor lift when it tries to ascend, the mechanism will quickly recognize the change in pressure and reverse the lift a few inches. One of the more common fears is leaving an appliance on top of a lift where overhead cabinets exist, and damaging them when the lift makes contact. However, with the PIEZO sensor, this type of damage is not a concern.

TV Screen Locks


Also included with each TV lift is a set of screen locks. With just a screwdriver, you can secure your TV to the screen backplate, helping keep your TV safely in place. For a more detailed explanation on how to secure the TV screen locks, check out this video.

Ready For Install

Nexus 21 offers 21 motorized solutions that include each of these safety features and are backed by our full 10-year warranty.

Whether you’re searching for pop-up, drop-down or storage lift systems, you can be reassured that you’re getting the quietest, most reliable lift system in the world.

The Nexus 21 Relationship Management Team is ready to consult buyers about which lift model best suits their needs. Call 1-888-981-9919 today to start your next project.

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