Living Room TV

At the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, two million feet of showroom floor was dedicated to the latest in awesome tech – including a large number of home automation gadgets.

The 4K TV was all over the place, along with accessories to make this HDTV-on-steroids user friendly. They have four times the resolution of an HDTV, and there are currently well over 100 different models on the market. Imagine putting one of these bad boys on a TV lift!

Another TV related gadget that is increasingly popular is the sound bar. Forget hanging heavy speakers from the ceiling – the sound bar can deliver full HD stereo and surround sound in a space saving package that is as sleek as the thin profile televisions you now own.

Home automation got a big nod with a number of devices designed to make your house interactive. Internet capable items such as smart locks, thermostats and light bulbs can be programmed and controlled via voice or smartphone, and even beds can now collect your information as you sleep to help craft a better night’s rest.

Automation moved from the home to the garage with an array of vehicles from Audi, BMW, Ford, General Motors and Mercedes Benz. Self-driving technology, fuel cell capability and internet connectivity allow you to control your car in more ways than ever, with safety features built in.

Wearable tech included the ever present Apple products, fitness trackers and even Google-Glass like eyewear. Athletes can look forward to an EKG monitor that can be worn while exercising.

Some of the coolest tech was robotic. The Roomba is so last decade; the future is drones! Tablet computers are also gaining on desktops and laptops with ever mounting success – they can double now as alarm clocks, personal TVs and more.

What improvements do you expect to see in your own life in the future? Will you be adding more automated features like TV lifts to your home?