If you want to know how to set up your living room for the best home entertainment experience, you might consider asking an A/V tech. But the guy who sold you that nice micro-suede couch might have some helpful tips too. Sofas & Sectionals News offers advice at their blog about how to arrange your furniture for the best viewing experience. Some of the tips are pretty obvious. If you have just one couch, of course you are going to plop it down directly in front of the TV screen. But the tip about how to ensure your pair of recliners don’t interfere with the audio experience of adjacent couch dwellers is pretty smart. So is the recommendation to embrace a V configuration over a U shape with your sectional sofa.

Of course, if you set up your TV on one of our swivel TV lifts, you have a whole new range of options. You don’t have to move the furniture to face the TV. Instead, you can rotate the big screen to face the viewers!

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