ultra slim panasonic

Last week, we talked about VIZIO’s ultra-wide TV. This time, let’s take a look at Panasonic’s ultra-slim VT50 model. These screens are being heralded for their fantastic black levels. Perhaps it’s true that everyone looks thinner in black – because this TV looks like a runway model wearing a size 0 little black dress. If you turn it sideways, it almost disappears. While other super-slim TVs with thin speakers have been criticized for having poor sound quality, this one is apparently giving off nice, robust volume that belies its delicate frame.

As TVs become thinner and thinner, this opens up new possibilities for where you can hide them. At Nexus 21, we have a reputation for delivering a TV lift with a very low profile, making it possible to use a shorter cabinet if that’s your preference. With a super-slender flat screen, you could also have the option to go with a shallower built in or custom made piece of TV lift furniture. One popular custom use might be for foot-of-the-bed lift systems where you really don’t want the bed to take up more space than necessary.

What do you think? Where would you put a lift featuring this knife-edged TV?