room acoustics and speaker placement

At Nexus 21, we’re experts on TV lifts. But we defer to other home theater industry experts when it comes to specialties like acoustics. We were excited to find a fascinating educational article on home speakers and room acoustics that A/V enthusiasts will enjoy. It explains the science behind what makes a home entertainment center sound fantastic and what you can do to improve yours. If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between reflection, absorption, and diffusion, get ready to be schooled!

Author Steve Kindig at Crutchfield points out that the quality of your speakers and where you place them are only two pieces of the acoustic puzzle. There are many factors of the room itself including size, shape, and materials that impact sound significantly. He’s got tips for everyone from homeowners to architects. For example, anyone can follow his advice to install drapes over large glass doors or picture windows to cut down on too much reflected sound.

What special steps do you take to improve the sound quality of your TV? Let us know in the comments.