Art Deco TV Lift

Like so many famous fashions, Art Deco had its start in Paris. After its debut in 1925, it quickly became a well recognized (if often maligned) look for home furnishings on both sides of the Atlantic. In fact, Art Deco enjoyed enormous popularity in the early 1930s. More and more designers began playing with this style until it was about played out. But, like all really great fashions (and Brett Favre), Art Deco has been making one comeback after another ever since.

Now, there’s a twist. People want the Art Deco look but they don’t want to give up their modern technology. So, custom cabinetmakers and woodworking hobbiests are crafting their own masterpieces in this vintage style to accommodate today’s entertainment products. That includes…TV lifts (of course!) Check out this gorgeous piece by Jeffrey Scott. He recaptures the feel of the era so perfectly that you almost expect the plasma TV to have a knob on the front and rabbit ear antennae on top.

Have you installed a Nexus 21 TV lift inside an Art Deco cabinet? We’d love to feature your photos in our gallery!