Living rooms are one of the most used rooms in a home – but arranging them can be a hassle! Sometimes the room serves more than one purpose, with people studying, working and playing. Having a TV at one end can be counter-productive, and waste valuable wall space. It can also cause conflict when multiple people are using the room for different purposes.

Having a TV that can point different directions can help. Having one that can be centrally situated and reach many different seating options is even better! A piece of TV furniture all too often underutilized is the coffee table mount.


A TV inside of a coffee table can:

  • Rise up when it is needed with the click of a button.
  • Swivel to be viewed by any seating configuration in the room.
  • Be viewed from relatively close up, without craning the neck.
  • Be put away when the table is ready for use as a study center or snack bar.

Another advantage of a coffee table TV lift is that it leaves space for additional items. You can handily store a DVR, PS 4, Wii, X-box or other gaming devices. You can even put speakers on the ends of the table!

Call Nexus 21 and ask us to supply you with the right lift to transform an old or new coffee table into your own personal TV viewing station. It could be the best DIY project you ever undertake!