Small TV Drops Down from Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen cabinets make a great hiding place for a TV lift. But how do you know if there’s really enough room in yours to put a TV? Standard kitchen cabinets are usually 12” deep and a minimum of 32” tall. Our subcompact dropdown requires much less height and depth than this (here’s the diagram for reference). It’s designed for a TV as small as 17” or as large as 30”. A TV this size can be incorporated into even a small kitchen. The size of TV you decide to use will depend mostly on:

  • The width of your upper cabinets (measure the interior shelf width to find this number). A TV that’s about 2/3 the width of two cabinet doors will look nicely balanced from an aesthetic standpoint (remember to center it where the doors meet).
  • The distance from the bottom of the cabinet to the countertop. The full extension of our L23i model is 23” and you don’t want the bottom of the TV to bump the counter. You could always mount the lift higher in the cabinet, but that does no good if it means your TV doesn’t drop all the way down.

Additional Placement Tips
One thing to keep in mind when you are planning where to put the lift is how deep you want it to be in the cabinet. You might install the lift all the way at the rear of the kitchen cabinet. That approach could allow you to install a false back and shelving in front of the TV lift so you still get some storage space. However, this positioning means the front part of the cabinet may overshadow the lift if you are viewing it from a standing position. From a sitting position, this might not be a problem. Think about where you will be sitting/standing and what you will be doing when you are watching TV in the kitchen to figure out what works best.