We see our TV lifts as part of a wave of home automation trends that will improve your living environment over the coming decades. We always enjoy imagining what other products might work well in concert with ours. The Vantage lighting control system from Simply Wired is a good example. You can read about it in this salonblueridge.com article that lovingly refers to old fashioned plastic light switches as “wall acne”. The Vantage user interfaces are much more modern and streamlined. They range in style from touchscreens to sleek, backlit keypads that you design yourself.

You can program a variety of lighting scenarios into your controller. Then, just pushing the right button instantly creates the mood and lighting level you desire. This includes dimming and turning off lights for maximum TV watching enjoyment. Think about it. One touch of the button on your microwave pops your popcorn. One touch of a button on our TV lift remote control brings up your big screen. A touch of the wall keypad sets the lighting just right so there’s no glare on the screen. Isn’t modern life grand?

Do you have any home automation gadgets that enhancVantage Lightinge your enjoyment of our TV lifts? Let us know in the comments.