Hidden tv lift in floor

Have you visited a friend’s home recently and noticed there’s no TV anywhere in sight? They might be taking a break from TV watching to spend time doing other activities. Or, they may have banished the TV while their kids are grounded. But it’s more likely that they are just hiding the TV away with a TV lift. Here’s how you can spot where the lift is:

Look at where the couch is positioned. The modestly appointed piece of furniture directly across the room might be a TV lift cabinet in disguise. The top will be clear of clutter. Check the surface. You might not find any hinges, but you can make out a very thin line where the floating lid will come out.

Don’t see anything that might be a TV lift cabinet? Check the kitchen countertops for a floating lid. Look at the underside of the cabinets and you might find a drop down lift. Peruse the living room floor. Is there an area not covered with rugs? That might be where an under floor lift is hiding. Finally, look up. There’s a chance that a TV could be ready to drop down from inside the ceiling.

In the end, your friend will probably give away the secret by activating the lift. There’s just no resisting the urge to show off this technology if you have it!