Every home designer meets challenges.

Imagine having an empty lot as a canvas, then merging your expertise and creativity with the expectations and preferences of the homeowner. That’s difficult enough. Now, think about the level of difficulty required in a situation where a client wants a home with a traditional feel but modern technology.

Sometimes those big plasma TV’s just don’t mesh well with distressed ivory cabinets and a brick backsplash, right? But there’s something bigger at stake here: home value.

Nexus 21 client John Hoffman, owner of Phoenix-based real estate developer 8081 Meridian, recently faced that very same problem. He was tasked with designing a traditional, family-style home that included a host of modern electronics, one of which was a television in the kitchen.

Like we mentioned earlier, a kitchen that pops is a clincher for prospective home buyers, but also a handsome boost for the home’s value. Placing a gaudy screen amid a subdued kitchen not only creates a sort of visual dissonance, but it also can reduce the value of the kitchen.

“When we set out on the design of this home we knew we wanted a very traditional family style home but yet we wanted to incorporate a lot of modern features that you get in today’s technology,” Hoffman said when we visited the home. “The challenge was how to put a television in a kitchen and still maintain a very traditional look.”

Hidden Delight: How John Incorporated a TV into the Kitchen
Here’s how the situation played out. John designed a beautiful kitchen with off-white cabinets, an industrial style stove and a brick backsplash. The counters were granite and there was an island in the middle. A farmhouse table stretched away from the island and into the living room.

So, you can see that the setting wasn’t exactly conducive to the presence of a black flat-panel television. That’s where the L-27 TV lift came into play.

“We came across the Nexus 21 TV lift, which was the perfect solution,” John said.

John integrated the L-27 into the island so that homeowners could enjoy a meal or a drink at the dinner table while catching up on news or watching their favorite team.

How the L-27 Won the Day
There are several reasons why the L-27 was a good fit here. We think the clincher was that this model has one of the lowest profile of any of our lifts. So, John was able to fit a small TV into a very tight space. In fact, the L-27 is only 23.2 inches tall in its lowest position and about 2 feet wide.

Better yet, the lift is only 4.5 inches deep. Now that’s compact TV storage at its finest.

The lift can accommodate a 48-inch television and, weight wise, maxes out at a load of 130 pounds. Another aspect of this compact little lift is its noise level – only 45 dB when it’s operating. Combine that with its Soft Start and Soft Stop technology and you’ve got a hidden television that rises and drops with the faintest of sounds. No clanking. No rattling.

Also, John’s lift activates with the touch of a button tucked away under the island’s countertop.

The Clincher: How a Hidden TV Adds Value and Desirability
But back to the traditional home in Phoenix. What became of John’s project?

“Half the time people walk in here and they don’t even know there’s a television,” John said, “then we hit the button and they go, ‘Oh my god, that is so cool.’”

Now, about home value. A hidden television can add value to a room (a kitchen, for example) which then adds value to the home. But there’s also a non-monetary value in here, the element of surprise when potential homebuyers see a TV magically rise from a countertop.

Any real estate agent or developer can tell you just a few small details can deter a buyer in a matter of seconds. But put the right feature in the home – like a concealed TV– and they could be sold in an instant.

“The kitchen is one of the most important rooms to sell a house,” John said. “Frankly, the concealed TV was one of the things that made the kitchen really pop.”

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