In many homes, the fireplace is the center of a living room, and is often a gathering place. Those who choose to orient their furniture around a fireplace are challenged with finding the most natural location to mount a TV screen. Placing it over the mantel has become increasingly popular, but there are very few mounting solutions that have resolved the obvious “pain in the neck” problem of forcing your head upward into an unnatural position to see the screen.

The Solution? The Transcend Pull-Down Wall Mount

The Transcend is the most advanced pull-down mount on the market. Precision engineered suspension and dual-counterbalance pistons suspend up to a 75″ screen in mid-air at the ideal viewing height.


The Transcend frees users from the constraints that come with placing a TV high above the mantel, allowing for optimal and comfortable viewing from virtually anywhere in the room. The Transcend’s impressive 26” of downward travel gives viewers the ability to rest a flat screen high above the mantel when not in use, and lower it to their preferred viewing height when ready to watch. Unobtrusive and slim, the mechanism’s advanced in-wall mounting box allows a screen to rest only 2.1 inches off the mounting wall, making it a perfect fit in any space. Four-way swivel allows the screen to be seen clearly from almost anywhere in the room, so users never miss a moment of the action.


Stone or Brick Applications

For stone or brick applications, the Transcend Surface is available. It mounts directly to the surface of the wall with only four lag bolts, and no cut-out required. The Transcend Surface features extended downward travel and the same simple adjustability.


Both systems feature four different swivel functions, plus simple controls for height, pivot, and tilt. Cable control is simple and intuitive. For the Transcend, knock-outs are featured in the in-wall enclosure, while wire management clips are provided for both models.

Benefits to Integrators

The Transcend Series provides a low cost, elegant solution for Integrators. It arrives fully assembled with all hardware necessary for installation included. Once the wall is prepared, the unit only requires 4 lag bolts and as little as 15 minutes to secure. A full-sized mounting template is included and cable control is simple and intuitive. Knock-outs in the wall enclosure and wire management clips are provided. The Transcend mount is manufactured in the US, using the highest quality materials and a durable powder-coat finish. The system is backed by a 7-year full coverage warranty.

Ready for Install

Spec and data sheets, as well as mounting diagrams, are available. Call 1-888-981-9919 today to start your next project.

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