TV Hidden in Living Room Cabinet

As we move further and further into the digital age, we access visual data on so many devices. We have phones, tablets, notebooks, netbooks, laptops and PCs. We can watch movies; stream music videos or YouTube; view special broadcasts, and even see live TV and everything else from almost anywhere, any time.

Getting the family together can be more and more difficult as we live our lives glued to a 6 or 12 or 20 inch screen. Media rooms can change that, bringing the whole family together for an enjoyable time. A central location set up for group experiences lets family members leave their individual interests at the door and find common ground!

If you have a spare room in your own home, you can create a stunning media room with the help of a TV lift and a terrific set of speakers. If you don’t have a spare room, you can easily convert another room into a media room for a period of time then change it back using the same items and a little imagination.

Start with space. If you have a dedicated room, you can decorate it and make the room feel special. Go causal and comfy, with beanbags galore and lap trays for drinks and popcorn. Go all out with movie style reclining seats that boast plenty of amenities including cupholders and vibrating backs. Hang movie posters on the walls, or drape red curtains across the doorway and windows. Add a TV lift, and you are all set!

For a quick conversion of an existing den or family room, take the pieces to a sectional or couch /loveseat grouping and reposition them so everyone has a good view of the screen. Use a TV lift to pull out the coveted big screen. Dim the lights and set up multiple bowls of popcorn. Use ottomans and side tables so everyone is comfy. Don’t forget to send everyone to the ladies and gents before the show starts!

Next, choose your TV. If a 42 inch is at the top of your budget, make it look bigger by using a TV lift cabinet that slides it up to just eye level. If you have a 60 inch, consider installing the TV lift in their celling and letting it drop down for easy viewing from a kicked back recliner.

Enjoy your media room! Declare a “Royal of the Remote” and let them be in charge for the night (rotate duties weekly so everyone gets a turn). Invest in a high quality popcorn machine and experiment with brands and flavors. Lay in a stock of candies and drinks and make movie night at home an event worth looking forward to!