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We talk a lot about TV concealments on our blog.

Many of our clients come to us requesting TV lifts for their homes, RV’s, boats and more. But what gets lost in all of the excitement about concealing their flat screens is another facet of our concealment arsenal: cabinetry lifts.

Space is always a big issue with the homeowners and professionals we talk with, and many of those discussions inevitably end up in the kitchen. It’s almost as if no home has enough counter space. There’s always one party or one family dinner that reminds us how nice it would be to have just a little extra real estate for mixers, coffee machines and microwaves.

What the Experts Are Saying About Our Kitchen Concealments

To help give you an idea of what’s possible, we talked with Mary Fisher Knott of Mary Fisher Designs in our hometown of Scottsdale, Ariz. She’s a residential space planner, which means she’s an expert in knowing how to configure a room to meet the needs of homeowners.

“My design work is all based on how people access space,” she said.

Nexus 21’s line of storage lifts gave her greater capability to meet her end goal of maximizing a room or area. Nearly every kitchen has a “lost space” where nothing is stored because it’s too hard to get to.

With Nexus 21, Mary realized she could utilize otherwise dead spaces.

“When I was introduced to the lift system that Nexus has I went wild because now, I knew that I could access space for consumers,” Mary said, “and those are areas that are usually lost spaces like behind cabinets, in islands, in corners…all these areas that are difficult to get to.”

How a Kitchen Concealment Actually Works

Hard to imagine how a lift would work in a kitchen? Here’s a video of Mary’s design:

As you can see, the lift lid is cut directly from the marble countertops in the kitchen. There’s no interruption, from a visual sense. The lid is fitted in such a way that you don’t have obtrusive lips that get in the way of moving dishes around or preparing ingredients for a meal.

When the lift reaches the peak of its rise, you get a full view of what’s hidden inside: a KitchenAid mixer, a knife set, a food processor, a big blender and a Magic Bullet. These are, for many of us, the kitchen essentials.

The fact this concealment houses the essentials is important. Why? Think about how often you use these items. Every day, most likely. And because we’re using at least one of them at least once a day it’s important to have them out. No homeowner wants to constantly be diving into cupboards and cabinets to pull out a KitchenAid or a blender. The KitchenAid mixer alone weighs at least 25 pounds.

But, that’s where most homeowners find themselves. And if they deal with any kind of back pain, they’re going to be in pain each time they bend down to grab what they need.

To get around this, you could keep all these appliances on the counter at the expense of the free space you enjoyed when they were stowed away.

And that’s where the lift comes in. You can access your appliances whenever you want without being stuck in that domestic catch-22 where you’re either breaking your back to get the mixer or taking up all your counter space with your choice appliances.

It’s not just the space-saving, though; as Mary pointed out. Not only does the counter’s surface area open up, but space that was unused because of its awkward location is now utilized in an elegant, seamless way.

“Nexus lift systems give me the opportunity to explore all of these hard-to-get places,” Mary said.

Mary’s Lift of Choice: the AL-250

Hidden Storage Lift

The AL-250 is arguably one of our most versatile lifts. It has a capacity of 250 pounds, which includes the enclosure box and the lid. It gives you 26 inches of vertical travel and takes 17 seconds to rise that full distance.

The lift works off of a two-column design, with each column measuring a little over 20 inches in height and a depth of 6 inches.

If you’re wondering how something like this could fit into your kitchen, you aren’t the first person to do so. The good news is that we’ve got a substantial network of professionals who work with us to install our lifts into a variety of different kitchen designs.

The instructions we provide them make installation a simple task, and, as Mary pointed out, most kitchens have a lot of dead space your professional can convert with ease into a usable area for some – or all – of your favorite kitchen items.

Remember, you can add a battery pack to your lift in the event that power goes out and, for one reason or another, you need to access something in your concealment. The cycles-per-battery capacity varies according to each situation, but you can expect between 20 and 50 cycles from your battery pack.

And the price tag? We’ll let Mary talk about that one.

“The simplicity of installation of this unit will save hundreds and hundreds of dollars,” Mary said. “Nexus lifts are so competitively priced. They’re very affordable … it’s a no brainer.”

How Do You Use Your Kitchen Concealment?

In Mary’s case, she helped her client utilize dead space by storing in a lift concealment some of her most-used small appliances. Yet we know our community of professionals and homeowners have found all sorts of ways to implement the AL-250’s versatility.

Do you have a unique install or mod you’d like to share? Tell us about it in the comments section below.