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Today, kitchens are gathering places for the entire family. Formal dining rooms sit unused, as everyone gathers around the kitchen table! Kitchens are bigger, roomier, and have plenty of space. Adding a TV lift to enhance your kitchen improves your home value and increases enjoyment! You’d be amazed at how people light up when they see tech like this in a perfectly ordinary kitchen.

Take a look around your own kitchen. Surely there is a great location to host that impressive, sleek, hi definition flat screen you’ve been eying. Whether you are a hard-core Emeril fan or prefer Gordon Ramsey, a kitchen TV could make your time spent in the kitchen dishwashing, cooking or just coupon clipping even more fun.

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Do you have a center island or a breakfast bar? Perfect space for a pop-up TV lift! You can also designate a space under a countertop. When the mechanism includes a swivel feature, you can turn the screen to provide the right viewing angle depending on where you are sitting or standing. A drop-down TV lift lets you hide your flat screen in an upper kitchen cabinet, so it can slide into view when the time is right.

Not willing to cut into your counter or cabinet space? No problem; simply find a place in the ceiling to hide your TV, and install a TV lift to make your TV accessible at will.
You don’t have to use lifts just for TVs. A storage lift can be installed in an unused corner at the back of a cabinet to create a pop-up coffee station. Use them to raise heavy items like mixers and blenders up from the depths of your under counter cabinets. Even think about a fully loaded spice rack that lowers from its place into view – now there’s no more reaching up and behind items to find the cardamom!

Call Nexus 21 and find out if a kitchen TV lift – to be used for a TV or anything else – is a possibility for you.