Large Hidden Storage Lift

Is your backsplash a sad and sorry place where sponges go to die? What if you could utilize this “lost space” and make it an integral part of your storage space?

A nicely appointed kitchen shelf can easily be fit behind many faucets, allowing you to store items that aren’t used every day, such as your blender, mixer, toaster and so on. These items don’t have to get wet or sudsy with spray from the sink; a lift can slide the shelf down out of sight, leaving only an uninterrupted surface (that can be covered with tile or granite to match existing countertops), and raised only when needed to access the appliances stored on it.

A wood finish to the shelves can match cabinetry or table and chairs elsewhere in the kitchen area, for a warm ambiance that stands out against many modern kitchens that lean heavily to metal tones.

Don’t be narrow-minded when thinking of uses for such a sliding shelf – you could store your spice rack, rows of cookbooks, or even the good silver out of sight but ready for use at any time! Take a quick measurement of the depth behind your sink and see if a kitchen lift shelf might not be just the ticket for extra storage space!