Small TV Hidden in Kitchen Island

You may love watching cooking shows and really want to try your hand at the dishes presented – but running back and forth from your living room to your kitchen juggling eggs and spatulas makes following the directions difficult. A kitchen TV lift could solve your logistical difficulties and increase your chances of culinary success!

If you have a large kitchen with oodles of counter space and a big island, a TV lift that rises up from underneath the counter top might be the obvious choice. When not in use the TV can sink down beneath the island, breakfast bar or counter surface, with all cords and accoutrements safely hidden from view.

This may not work, however, if you have limited counter top space and don’t have room in your lower cabinets for a TV. You’d also have to consider the type of counter top you have, and if it is worth cutting into it to make a place for the TV to slide up and down.

Alternately, you can have the TV lift drop down from a cabinet, sliding into view next to your sink or stovetop (be certain to position it far enough away that spatters aren’t a threat!) this would keep the television at near eye level, making it easy to measure, stir and sauté along with your favorite celebrity chef.

You can even store the TV in the ceiling, remotely signaling it to slide down and turn on when it’s time for Emeril or Paula Deen. This works best in houses without extremely high ceilings, but has the added advantage of less remodeling and more of your kitchen space preserved for standard kitchenware storage.

Call Nexus 21 today and find out how a kitchen TV lift could transform your kitchen into your very own private culinary institute!