Brian Benda, one of our Nexus 21 TV lift customers does. That may seem like a lot of money to spend on a home depending on your income bracket. But this isn’t really about having the biggest house on the block. It’s how you furnish a home that makes it worth the price tag. Fill up a fancy house with cheap furniture and low-end gadgets and it’s just going to look tacky. Carefully select top quality items that make your living space convenient and beautiful and you really do have a home that’s worth spending time in.

Brian chose to outfit his kitchen island with one of our TV lifts. It preserves the beauty of the marble countertops while adding entertainment functionality to this area that’s so often the hub of the home. Even though it’s one of our smaller models, it’s getting a lot of attention. According to Brian, “This photo was recently featured on the front page of the Tennessean’s Real Estate section in an article about million dollar homes making a comeback. Of all the things we have done in this house, this TV lift has definitely generated the most buzz.”

Brian plans to add more lifts in his home over time. We love his testimonial, “We have been very satisfied with the lift. Construction quality is very high, it is as quiet as you advertise, and your customer service has been excellent. Thank you! Should we ever decide to do something like this again, we will definitely buy from you again, and would recommend others do the same.”

We certainly hope so. Just remember, you don’t need to have a million dollar home to add a little luxury with a popup TV. Our lifts are priced right for all home owners!

TV Lift Brian Benda