outdoor tv lift

What does your deck look like? Is it a small balcony type affair? A wide expanse lifted on stilts that help it overlook an expanse of grassy acreage?  A wrap-around that circles half of your home? A broad, low platform surrounding a pool? No matter what kind of deck you have, a TV lift can make it even more awesome.

Having a TV outside isn’t a new concept. Plenty of folks know the drill: A long extension cord, a cracked open window or door to run the cord through, some cinder blocks and a sturdy plank balanced just right. Voila! It’s an instant, albeit rustic, makeshift outdoor TV stand.

Nowadays, all of that is becoming obsolete. Today’s technology makes setting up an outdoor plasma TV with a TV lift as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Start with choosing a TV. A big screen is nice for a big deck. A smaller one would be just fine for a cozier affair with maybe a grill off to the side and a hot tub with a strategic view of the screen. Look into various models and check for weatherability. You’ll be protecting it from the worst of wind and rain, but you need to ensure that humidity or heat alone won’t fry your expensive bit of new electronic gear.
  2. Next, decide what will house your TV. You need a solid, weatherproof option that won’t leak or expose your TV to the elements. In addition to being attractive, outdoor entertainment center technology should be provide maximum protection for your new high def screen. Mounting your outdoor TV on a lift will give you a lot more flexibility as to where the TV can be placed!
  3. Select the position. A TV lift can swivel once it is raised, so find a spot that will reach the best and most populated seating area. Your deck might have a wet bar with stools, benches for sitting, or a hot tub for relaxing. Situate the screen out of the way of foot traffic. You want as many people on the deck to have a good viewing angle as possible.

Your deck will be the talk of the neighborhood. Everyone will want to see your new outdoor TV lift claiming center stage. The TV itself will be safe from kids and animals running around, and the options for using it are many. Here are a few ideas for programming:

  • Stay caught up with the game while grilling out
  • Put some mood music on for that evening soak in the Jacuzzi
  • Pop in a movie for your kids and the neighbors’ brood to have a movie night – while you enjoy peace and quiet indoors.

Ask a Nexus 21 team member how you can fit a TV lift into your deck area, and start enjoying the best of the indoors in your outdoor space!